'Hamilton' Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Has Written A 'Love Letter To Puerto Rico'

Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is desperate to do anything he can to help those suffering in Puerto Rico from the effects of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. So Miranda is doing what he does best by crafting a charity single to benefit those victims in Puerto Rico. The track, which he calls a "love letter to Puerto Rico" will drop on October 6th.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, best known for creating the Broadway musical Hamilton says that Puerto Rico, the homeland of his parents, has been on his mind night and day.

"It's a love letter to Puerto Rico. I had the idea at 3 in the morning … The initial demo was me singing in a bathroom."
But Miranda's single will not be just him singing, though that always attracts a crowd, it will include some celebrity guests, but Miranda won't name names just yet (though the Hamilton creator is dropping hints).
"[I] called every Puerto Rican I know [to sing on the song]. To every artist, I've said, 'Can you help out on this song?' And they said yes. Without even hearing the song, everyone's joined in."
Hmm, could Lin-Manuel Miranda be talking about Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Yankee Daddy, or Pitbull?
From the time the storm hit, Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda has used Twitter and other social media to reach out passionately to fans and followers to do what they can to help the people of Puerto Rico. Miranda has been asking people to give what they can to the Hispanic Federation.

Miranda even begged President Trump via a tweet to focus on Puerto Rico.

"Please @realDonaldTrump, imagine your family was running out of food & water & the shipment to save them was, say, 11 days away. NOT ENOUGH."
Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda was born and raised in New York but spent a month every summer with his grandmother in Puerto Rico. Like most people with family in Puerto Rico, Miranda tried in vain for days to reach family members on the island.
"There were a few terrifying days where nobody heard from anyone. We were lucky enough to speak to our family, who got limited cell service, and they are holding up and they're all right, but it's a gritted-teeth smile if that makes any sense. Food is scarce, water is scarce and everyone is doing everything they can to alleviate that as quickly as possible."
Luis Miranda, father of Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda has joined his son to help the people of Puerto Rico. Lin-Manuel Miranda went on CNN to explain to the world just how many people have been affected by the hurricanes.
"Puerto Ricans, that's 3.5 million American citizens, just like Texas, just like Florida."
Lin-Manuel Miranda explains that he understands that with all of the storms and all of the people who need help, fatigue has set in, but the country needs to rally to help the people of Puerto Rico.

Luis Miranda chimed in that while private donations are helpful, it is most important that the federal government put forward its best efforts.

"Only the federal government has the resources, as we have seen in every hurricane or natural disaster (that) has hit us here in the mainland. Only the federal government has the resources to really begin the rebuilding process."


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Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is hoping to make a serious dent with his single that celebrates his ancestral homeland of Puerto Rico. Miranda has shared teasers of the taping which he is eager to share with the world. He is now asking Twitter followers to help him think of a hashtag for the Puerto Rico single.

"We need a hashtag for this tune while we make it but I don't want to tell you the song's title yet. Ideas?"
Are you excited to hear Hamilton creator Lin Manuel Miranda's love letter to Puerto Rico?

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