'Power' Season 5: 50 Cent Warns Fans Not To Trust Kanan, Shares Set Photos

Power Season 5 has yet to receive a premiere date, but the cast has confirmed that they are currently filming. In the finale of the fourth season, Tommy and Ghost teamed up with their old friend Kanan as they all have a bone to pick with Dre.

Recently, 50 Cent went on the Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 FM and talked about Power Season 5. When asked by co-host Angela Yee whether Kanan was now likable, radio personality Charlemagne interrupted, stating that he still didn't trust the character. 50 Cent agreed and said that fans shouldn't trust Kanan, who will team up with Ghost in Season 5.

Also, 50 Cent talked about the success of Power and the issues he had with the Starz production network. He confirmed that Power would be available on Amazon and how the high ratings of the series gave him more influence as an executive producer.

Power is the second-most-watched series on premium cable after HBO's Game of Thrones. While comparing the two shows, 50 Cent claimed that Game of Thrones spent three times more than the budget of Power due to the cost of special effects, such as dragons and direwolves.

In the interview, 50 Cent said that Power was picked up by the network without his character Kanan existing. The showrunner and executive producer, Courtney A. Kemp, was encouraged by Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson to develop the character.

Later, 50 Cent took to Instagram to show supporters some on-set photos and videos of Season 5. He interacted with a plethora of fans watching the cast film Power.
The on-set photos alluded to the trio going to war with Dre and his powerful allies in the Jimenez cartel. The actor and rapper is confident that Power Season 5 is going to please fans as he declares that he is going to make everyone a believer.
While the fifth season has yet to receive a release date, it will likely premiere in Summer 2018. The fourth season featured the deaths of two major characters in Julio and Reina.
Many fans thought that Dre would meet his demise, but instead, he has gained more power than any of his former allies expected.

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[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]