'Destiny 2' Offers Riskrunner, Transversive Steps, And Hallowfire Hearth With Xur's Visit This Week

Another weekend of Xur is afoot for Destiny 2 players as of Friday, September 29. The Agent of the Nine is back for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players to pick and choose the Exotic weapon and armor they wish to add to their collection.

Xur has moved his little storefront to a cave located in the Giant's Scar area of Io in Destiny 2. As always, there is a marker on the map that shows his location. Simply select the marker and then fast travel to the area to find him easily. A loot chest also spawns in the cave sometimes, so it is worth it to take a look around.

Those looking for new armor in Destiny 2 will have the choice of the Hallowfire Hearth chest piece for Titans, Mechaneer's Tricksleeves gauntlets for Hunters, and the Transversive Steps boots for Warlocks. The weapon of the week is the Riskrunner submachine gun, which is like a slightly less powerful Zhalo Supercell from Destiny 1.

As a reminder, the Power Level of all Xur's Exotics scales according to the Guardian's current Power Level up to 270. You'll need to Infuse the items to make them any more powerful than that.

Destiny 2 players will have until the weekly reset the morning of Tuesday, October 3 to pick up this slate of exotics from Xur. This occurs at 5 a.m. ET / 2 a.m. PT.


The Riskrunner Exotic Submachine Gun in Destiny 2.
[Image by Bungie]

This Exotic submachine gun is one of those that can be chosen during the course of the campaign. Buying it from Xur offers the chance of an upgrade if you haven't been able to upgrade it so far or just a chance to obtain one if you missed the Riskrunner. It's a fun gun to use as the Arc Conductor intrinsic perk will make the weapon more powerful as the player takes Arc damage. Additionally, the Superconductor perk will cause lightning to chain through enemies while the Arc Conductor perk is active.

Hallowfire Hearth

The Hallowfire Hearth Exotic Chest Armor for Titans in Destiny 2.
[Image by Bungie]

Sunbreaker Titans will be the one to benefit from this cool looking Exotic chest armor. The Sunfire Furnace intrinsic perk causes Solar abilities to recharge faster while the super ability is charged and ready to go.

This essentially means solar grenades charge faster. However, the Hallowfire Hearth is more beneficial in PvE modes than Crucible PvP. The current Destiny 2 Crucible meta means players typically only get one super ability charge per match. Therefore, there's not much benefit to running with this Exotic unless you save the Hammer of Sol for the very end of a match.

Mechaneer's Tricksleeves

The Mechaneer's Tricksleeves is worth picking up only if you are in love with and have mastered sidearms. The Spring-Loaded Mounting intrinsic perk grants faster sidearm ready and reload speed, which severely limits their utility.

Transversive Steps

The Transversive Steps Exotic Boots for Warlocks in Destiny 2.
[Image by Bungie]

These boots return from Destiny 1 with slightly downgraded perks. The Strange protractor intrinsic perk grants increased sprint speed combined with automatic energy weapon reload when sprinting. This is a good Exotic piece for any Warlock sub-class to use when looking for extra sprint speed especially since there is a hidden perk of extra slide distance.

As previously covered, the mobility stat only affects walking speed and jump height. Players will need a weapon with the Lightweight perk like MIDA Multi-Tool or an armor piece like the Transversive Steps to sprint faster.

[Featured Image by Bungie]