‘Destiny 2’ Guide: How Mobility, Resiliency, And Recovery Stats Affect Your Guardian

Destiny 2 changes the way stats are used for characters. The mobility, resiliency, and recovery stats have been pulled away from the character skill tree to replace ability stats. The new stats are based on levels, which affect how tough Guardians are in a firefight, how fast they recover, and how quickly they move. Let’s dig a little deeper to find out how they affect characters and what builds PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC players will find the most beneficial.


The mobility stat is perhaps the most confusingly named of the three Destiny 2 offers. This only affects a character’s walking and strafing speed, plus the initial jump height, but it does not change sprinting speed. Sprint speed is constant, and only gear like the MIDA Multi-Tool Exotic Scout Rifle and Transversive Steps Exotic Warlock boots provides an approximately 10 percent sprint speed boost.

How much to put into mobility depends on the activity and your personal playstyle. PVP activities don’t need any more than two or three points unless you really depend on strafing to bounce in and out of fights. PVE activities can get away with little to no mobility points unless you are doing a jumping puzzle. Those are few and far between in Destiny 2, however, and only the jumping puzzles at the Farm and Tower social areas come to mind.


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Resiliency in Destiny 2 is simply the amount of health your character possesses. Obviously, the more health, the better but how much is the question. The guys at the Massive Breakdown podcast dug into the game to estimate the amount of health that is available at each resiliency level.

Resiliency Health
0 186
1 188
2 190
3 192
4 194
5 196
6 197
7 198
8 199
9 200
10 201

Now you may notice health points increase by 2 points up until resiliency level 5. Each level after that only increases health by 1 point. Resiliency level 4 or 5 appears to be the current sweet spot as it provides sufficient protection against weapons like the widely-used MIDA Multi-Tool while leaving enough points to put toward other stats.

Destiny 2 players can certainly shoot for max resiliency but be aware the increase in health from levels 6 to 10 is not as large as 0 to 5.


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The recovery stat has perhaps become the preferred stat in Destiny 2. This determines how quickly your Guardian recovers their health and shield, which means less downtime hiding behind a rock when you should be supporting your fireteam by shooting at enemies.

Each recovery level reduces the time it takes to get back to full health by approximately 0.3 seconds. That means there is a full three seconds difference between recovery level 0 and 10. This should be the stat you try to max out the most once the mobility and resiliency stats are set to acceptable minimums.

What build do you like to use in Destiny 2? Share your preferences and tips in the comments below.

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