Prince George Criticized For Wearing Expensive Jumpers That Could Feed A Family Of Four

A Labor MP recently criticized Kate Middleton and Prince William’s son, Prince George, over his attire in school. Emma Dent Coad felt that the 4-year-old royal has been wearing expensive clothing, which she said would have been enough to feed a family of four.

A lot of people have been closely following the lives of the British royal family from their day-to-day activities, political agendas, and even their fashion choices. The British royals, most especially Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry live their lives in the spotlight, as the people examine their every move.

It is no surprise that many people were excited when Prince George of Cambridge started school. Reports on Prince George’s first day of school flooded news sites and even now reporters are following the young prince’s activities, facial expressions, his relationship with his parents, and even his clothing.

It surprised many, however, when Labor MP for Kensington and Chelsea, Emma Dent Coad, recently criticized Prince George for his seemingly expensive jumpers when going to school. Per Metro, Coad felt that Prince George’s fashion choice “outraged” a lot of people, as the price of his jumpers would reportedly have been enough to feed a family of four.

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Many people slammed Coad after her criticisms toward Prince George’s jumpers, which she said was stated as a joke. She released a statement on her Twitter account to defend her side and explained that she was merely trying to point out that many people are in desperate need of help and assistance.

Coad went on and gave several examples to prove her point such as a disabled woman, who had to be moved six times, was left soaking in her own excrement for a day after being forgotten by her carers. The Labor MP mentioned that the government was able to secure funds to restore Buckingham Palace, which has 52 royal bedrooms and 188 staff rooms, but only three members of the royal family are living in it.

She stated that a recent meeting with the council has revealed that some survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire have been facing dire situations and are already having suicidal thoughts. Coad motioned to give these survivors the help they need and asked people to face the reality of the situation that they’re in instead of focusing on the joke she made about Prince George on Monday.

Do you think the Labor MP’s comments about Prince George’s jumper were justifiable based on the cause she is fighting for?

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