Catt Gallinger Facebook Photos Get 3,500 Shares: Eyeball Tattoo Forms Purple Tears, Artist May Face Charges

Warning: Disturbing photo ahead!

The graphic photos posted to the Facebook page of 24-year-old Catt Gallinger have Facebook users doing double takes and sharing Catt’s photos as a warning to others who might be considering getting eyeball tattoos. Catt added four graphic photos of herself to Facebook on September 20, and urged others to share her plight after receiving a sclera tattoo, which is a tattoo of the whites of the eyeballs. Catt alleged that she received the eyeball tattoo approximately three weeks prior to the photos being taken by a tattoo artist named Eric Brown.

Gallinger went on to report that she had to see an eye specialist as a result and that she risks blindness because of the eyeball tattoo. Catt blamed the melee on “undiluted ink, over injection, not enough/smaller injections sights.” Gallinger wrote that she has visited the hospital three times in the wake of getting the eyeball tattoo, makes sure she avoids pet dander, and keeps her hands clean when touching her eye. A regimen of antibiotics and steroid drops reportedly didn’t help reduce the internal swelling in her eye, although Catt’s external swelling did resolve itself after one week. The graphic photos show purple drops that appear like tears flowing from Catt’s right eye.

According to Global News, Catt hails from Ottawa, and has seen plenty of friends who’ve gotten eyeball tattoos. However, the eyeball tattoo that Gallinger received was after giving in to pressure on September 5. Catt learned that the same tattoo artist who begged her to let him tattoo her eyeball had allegedly given other people sclera tattoos that didn’t go well.

The possibility of having her eyeball removed enters the picture if ink transfers to Catt’s retina. Gallinger, who was reportedly not asked to sign a waiver, plans to press charges of criminal negligence against the tattoo artist. Sclera tattoos are new, but doctors have been issuing warnings against getting them. Eyeball tattoos are permanent and risky. Gallinger doesn’t know the fate of her vision, which has been blurry and may require eye tests at regular intervals to ensure the tattoo has not caused permanent damage.

[Featured Image by Antonio Petrone/Shutterstock]