Wendy Williams Confirmed Her Husband Cheated Before 10-Year Affair Allegations

Wendy Williams became the center of a cheating firestorm this week after reports alleged her husband, Kevin Hunter, has supposedly been having a 10-year-long affair with a family friend. However, Wendy actually confirmed that her husband wasn't faithful long before the latest bombshell.

After Williams denied the latest cheating allegations and said that she would be standing by her man on The Wendy Williams Show earlier this week, recently resurfaced quotes from the talk show host confirmed that Hunter cheated on her shortly after the birth of their son in 2000.

E! News recently republished quotes from Wendy's 2013 interview with VladTV, where she revealed that she actually caught Kevin cheating on her around one month after she left the hospital with their son, Kevin Hunter Jr. The site also noted that Wendy's relationship with her husband of 20 years is pretty "complicated."

In the candid VladTV interview, Williams recalled busting Kevin after hearing her husband and his mistress on the phone together but claimed that she's since forgiven him. She even went as far as to reveal that his past cheating infidelities actually made their union stronger.

"It's made our marriage stronger," the host said four years ago.

"I love him and he loves me, and we addressed it head-on," she continued of her decision to forgive her husband for the affair, admitting at the time that she hasn't regretted her decision to stay together.

Williams also candidly discussed Hunter's past cheating in her 2001 book, Wendy's Got the Heat.

The resurfaced quotes from the talk show host about Kevin's past infidelities come shortly after a man claiming to be an ex-boyfriend of Wendy's spoke out about the cheating drama in an interview with Radar Online.

Mitchell Rose, who claims to have dated Williams for eight months prior her marrying Kevin, alleged that Hunter has supposedly "always been like that" when asked about the latest cheating allegations surrounding the couple.

"Kevin was always a jealous type of dude," Mitchell told the outlet this week, adding that Kevin is "very intimidating" and allegedly "bullied" him until he and Wendy split. "He realized Wendy and I had a relationship so he started pushing her away from me."

Wendy Williams Confirmed Her Husband Cheated Before 10-Year Affair Allegations
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Wendy and Kevin haven't responded to Mitchell's allegations, though the talk show host did address reports claiming she was cheated on this week.

Speaking about the bombshell report by the Daily Mail that claimed Hunter has supposedly been having an affair for the past decade and even lives part-time with his supposed mistress, she made it very clear on her show that she would be standing by her husband.

"You can believe what you want, but," she told the audience on The Wendy Williams Show on September 26, before showing off the fact that she was still proudly wearing her wedding and engagement ring.

Wendy Williams confessed to husband's cheating
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"I stand by my guy," she continued.

However, did not address her past revelation that Kevin has cheated on her before.

The daytime talk show host then urged her viewers and studio audience to not "believe the hype" amid claims Hunter has supposedly been leading a "double life" and quickly added that "if there was hype, believe me you, I would let you know."

Wendy also shut down reports suggesting she was about to divorce her husband by confirming on her daytime show that "all is well in Huntersville."

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