September 27, 2017
Michelle Obama Stuns In A Bright Tangerine Dress At Tech Conference

Former First Lady Michelle Obama stunned in a bright tangerine dress at a tech conference in Florida on Tuesday. She appeared at the conference to share in her experiences at the White House and what her future plans are with husband, former President Barack Obama. Microsoft president Brad Smith hosted the event before a large audience.

AOL News reports that Michelle Obama showed off her "toned physique" at the conference in a tangerine Roland Mouret dress. The images were posted on Instagram by her longtime stylist, Meredith Koop, who raved that Mrs. Obama was "looking oh so gorgeous and sounding brilliant today."

Michelle Obama paired the stylish look with a pair of black-and-metallic Jimmy Choo pumps.

Ever since leaving the White House, Michelle has made semi-regular appearances at meetings, forums, and conferences. Last week she even made a special visit to one of her hairstylist's salons in Virginia. As the Inquisitr reported, Michelle was on-hand to toast the opening of Yene Damtew's Aesthetics Salon. Damtew was a protegee of Obama's main stylist, Johnny Wright.

Last week, Michelle Obama made news when she was part of a moderated forum in which she admitted she doesn't have a "poker voice" when it comes to President Donald Trump's presidency. She doesn't agree with the "America First" agenda, declaring that "it isn't just us first" because it doesn't make sense to help someone in a hurricane then refuse to let them see a doctor if they're sick. The 53-year-old went on to say Trump's administration is one led by fear while her husband's message was led by hope. The former first lady adhered to her routine of not mentioning Trump's name in her criticisms.

Many Democrats want Mrs. Obama to run for president in 2020, but she explained that it's "nowhere on the radar screen" for her. Though running for public office is out as far as she's concerned, Mrs. Obama told the crowd that she intends to stay active in public service the rest of her life. She and Barack Obama want to help the new generation take their places.

In the meantime, Michelle Obama will turn heads with her fashion picks in the public eye. Her style is every bit as watched as current First Lady Melania Trump's. While the two women are vastly different, Michelle has an incredible support base that adore her many looks as much as her political views.

[Featured Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]