Lisa Vanderpump Shares Devastating Instagram Post After Her Beloved Pooch Dies ‘Suddenly’

Today, Lisa Vanderpump tearfully took to her Instagram and Twitter pages to share the devastating news that one of her beloved fur babies died suddenly yesterday.

If you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, then you know that Vanderpump is very fond of her brood of animals. People reports that the restaurant owner has 25 pets in total, and it’s not just dogs that she owns. In addition to her pooches, Lisa is the proud owner of swans, turtles, and even mini horses.

While her Instagram page is usually light-hearted and filled with jokes and fun posts of animals, Vanderpump shared some very somber news with fans today following the passing of one of her beloved dogs. Along with a photo of her Pomeranian named Pink Dog, Lisa wrote a heart-wrenching post to go along with the sweet picture.

“Rest in peace Pink Dog, we are devastated to see you go so suddenly… you were such a happy pink dog and we will miss you dreadfully, we love you.”

The 57-year-old’s army of 1.7 million Instagram followers were quick to try and console the reality star by commenting on the photo and sending their condolences. In just four hours, the post had already gained over 21,000 likes as well as over 1,100 comments.

“Pets are people and the loss of a pet hurts so darn bad,” one fan commented.

“Rip sweet little angel baby!” another one of Lisa’s followers chimed in.

Rest in peace Pink Dog, we are devastated to see you go so suddenly… you were such a happy pink dog and we will miss you dreadfully, we love you????

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In addition to Instagram, Vanderpump also took to Twitter to let fans know that Pink Dog passed away “suddenly” yesterday afternoon. The reality star explained that her husband Ken gave the pup CPR all the way to the vet, but sadly his efforts fell short and Pink Dog passed away. She ended the post by saying she was “very very sad at this moment.” Lisa also took time to retweet a few of her fans’ well-wishes during this difficult time.

Thank you for a beautiful stay in New York @marmaranyc! A lovely little jewel of a boutique hotel????

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As fans know, Lisa’s passion for animals runs deep. In May, E! Online revealed that the businesswoman opened up a rescue center for dogs named Vanderpump Dogs. According to their website, the center’s goal is to “create a better world for dogs globally.” The Los Angeles-based foundation specifically mentions the Yulin Dog Meat Festival as the basis for opening the center, stating that dogs should not have to face that type of slaughter and abuse. In addition, the center has a number of dogs available for adoption.

Have you ever lost a pet? If so, can you empathize with what Lisa is feeling right now?

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