Infant Found In Car Seat With Birth Certificate, $5,500 Cash On Side Of Oklahoma Interstate

A church group driving along a busy Oklahoma interstate got the shock of their lives over the weekend; that’s when police say the unwitting good Samaritans found a 1-month-old infant abandoned in a car seat on the side of the road. In addition to the baby boy, the car seat also contained a birth certificate, a Social Security Card, and $5,500 cash.

According to the driver of the van that was transporting the church group, the infant was found along I-40 in Oklahoma on Saturday. Temperatures in the area had reached 91 degrees by the time the baby was discovered, and the child’s rescue was nothing short of miraculous. The van driver claims that when he first saw the car seat, he believed that it contained nothing more than a doll. Then, the unidentified man noticed two tiny feet kicking, reports Fox 13 Now.

After the driver realized that there was an infant in the car seat, he immediately pulled over on the Oklahoma interstate and contacted authorities. When police arrived, they discovered the additional items that had been shoved into the car seat along with the abandoned infant and began their search for the baby’s mother. Fortunately for investigators, the were able to quickly locate the woman.

Investigators say that family members helped them to locate the infant’s mother. She has not been publicly identified, and was reportedly taken for an “evaluation” at a local hospital.

While temperatures on Saturday peaked in the 90s, definitely hot enough to pose a danger to an unattended 1-month-old-infant, police say that the baby boy was in “good health” when he was discovered by the van full of churchgoers. Nevertheless, he was also taken to a local Oklahoma hospital to be examined following his ordeal. Investigators believe that the 1-month-old had been on the side of the interstate for 30 minutes or less when he was found.

Oklahoma authorities have declined to release any names in connection with apparent interstate abandonment, and are still actively investigating the shocking case. According to investigators, they are still unsure whether or not any criminal charges will be filed in the case of baby found alone in his car seat last weekend. However, a police report associated with the case indicates that after he was found alone along the Oklahoma interstate, the infant boy was placed in Oklahoma DHS custody.

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