Rough Road Continues: ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Star Rushed Back To Hospital Before Losing Beloved Dog

Saying that it has been a rough couple weeks for Beth Chapman and her husband, Duane “Dog” Chapman, is a total understatement.

As the Inquisitr reported a few weeks ago, Beth Chapman shocked fans with news of her stage 2 throat cancer diagnosis. Although she didn’t share the terrible news on social media, Us Weekly reports that the reality star penned a heartfelt letter to Dog the Bounty Hunter viewers to let them know what was going on with her health.

Then, on September 16, Chapman underwent a 13-hour surgery to remove the tumor at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, according to the Inquisitr. Dog told reporters that the surgery was successful, but they would know more later in the week. He then asked fans to keep Beth in their prayers.

Today, Radar Online is reporting that the 69-year-old’s health problems are “far from over,” as Beth was just readmitted to the hospital this past weekend. She was only released from the hospital a few days earlier. In the interim, Chapman was expected to spend several weeks at a rehab facility to recover, so this is certainly a setback.

Dr. Gabriel Mirkin told the publication that if the delicate surgery was not done properly, there would be repercussions, even going on to say that Chapman could lose her voice. It is unclear why she was readmitted to the hospital at this moment.

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And if the cancer diagnosis and surgery wasn’t enough of a blow, the Dog the Bounty Hunter star took to her Instagram earlier this morning to let fans know that her beloved dog, Delilah, had passed away.

The picture shows Beth’s small dog in a red and white polka-dot dress. Included with the photo is a sweet and cry-worthy caption.

“She just couldn’t wait for me any longer RIP my sweet lil Delilah I love you lil girl.”

Beth’s 160,000-plus fans immediately showed Chapman their support by commenting on the photo with their condolences. Many fans even recalled the episode of GTBH where Beth got Delilah and took her on a bust.

“So sorry to hear this! She is running free in heaven now.”

“I’m so sorry for the loss of your sweet pup,” another fan chimed in.

She just couldn’t wait for me any longer RIP my sweet lil Delilah I love you lil girl

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Beth’s previous post on her Instagram page came four days ago with a photo of cartoon hands shielding a woman and her cat. The caption seems to hint at Beth’s feelings about her recent health struggles.

“The Lord is protecting you in battles you don’t even know about.”

If you’d like to see more posts from Beth, you can follow her on Instagram.

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