Former WWE Tag Team Champion Tears Rotator Cuff, Out Indefinitely

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Tears Rotator Cuff, Out Indefinitely

The WWE has just lost one of its most popular wrestlers to a rotator cuff injury that will require surgery. According to the WWE, former WWE world tag team champion Jeff Hardy tore his rotator cuff last week in the Six-Pack Challenge on Monday Night Raw.

Jeff Hardy’s Injury

The match on Monday Night Raw saw Jeff Hardy battle Matt Hardy, Elias Samson, Jason Jordan, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel to determine who received a title shot against The Miz at No Mercy. Jason Jordan won the match and went on to lose last night to The Miz.

However, Jeff Hardy lost a lot more than just the match for an Intercontinental Championship title opportunity. Hardy, 40, tore his rotator cuff and he said that he also has a torn labrum as well. WWE Senior Ringside Physician Dr. Stephen Daquino said that it is a “full thickness tear” and he will get further evaluated next week.

The WWE report also indicated that Jeff Hardy will undergo surgery on Tuesday, Oct. 3. According to Dr. Daquino, they will repair the rotator cuff and then will look at the labrum while they are in there as well.

Recovery from rotator cuff surgery can last between four to six months. This will keep Jeff Hardy out of action in the WWE until right before WrestleMania 34.

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Tears Rotator Cuff, Out Indefinitely

Jeff Hardy’s Reaction And WWE Future

Jeff Hardy spoke to about the injury and said that it was depressing to think about getting hurt in the match last week. Hardy said that he loves professional wrestling, but that it sucks that he isn’t able to do what he normally does because of injuries.

However, Hardy did say that he will just stop worrying and realize that he will return to the WWE next year with a brand new shoulder. One thing that Jeff did say was that he might not disappear from the WWE until he is recovered.

The WWE had started to hint at bringing in part of the Broken Matt storyline, albeit in a different manner to avoid legal problems with Anthem Sports and Impact Wrestling. Jeff Hardy said that he and Matt have a lot of crazy ideas and that he can be entertaining without extreme stunts. Hardy said he could return in a non-wrestling capacity while he heals up.

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