Mike And Maria Kanellis Announce They Are Expecting A Child

Mike and Maria Kanellis expecting child

SmackDown Live power couple Mike and Maria Kanellis have announced that they are expecting their first child together. The couple debuted on the blue brand in mid-June, cutting a promo to introduce their “power of love” characters, as well as revealing their “Mike and Maria Kanellis” team name.

For the past few months, the tandem have not been receiving much notoriety following the initial feud with Sami Zayn, which did not go very far. Maria recently announced that Mike has been going to rehab to work on his prescription drug addiction. She stated that there was a time when she did not know that he had this problem, but she is there for him and encouraged him to keep fighting.

The couple have rarely been seen on television for the past couple of months. It has been a month since he was previously on SmackDown Live, losing to Bobby Roode. It was over a month prior to that when he was last seen, losing in a tag team match with Aiden English against Sami Zayn and Tye Dillinger. Although his WWE career is off to a very weak start, it looks like the couple is starting a brand new exciting chapter in their lives.

The Power of Love is Strong…..And BABY makes 3. Mike and I are happy to announce I am 13 weeks pregnant!! Life is what happens when you are making other plans. This is the universe's plan for us. Last year Mike and I tried to expand our family when we had a lighter schedule and this year we thought we had put those plans on hold but apparently that is not what is meant to be and we are so happy for our new path. Mike has wanted children for a long time (he is gonna be a very good daddy) and my biological clock just recently started ticking!! Timing is everything and now is our perfect time for family. As far as the future… WWE is and has been my dream job and I plan on coming back with my doctor's approval after the baby is born and get's plenty of mommy time. But, until then, I will be posting my REAL updates on my social media accounts. There is so much pressure to have the perfect pregnancy, gain the right amount of weight, and be super stylish. But, let me just say I've gained 7 pounds, been nauseous everyday, and wore yoga pants every day since 6 weeks. I'm not perfect. Haha… life is messy. My husband is a recovering prescription drug addict, we are in the middle of buying a house, we are moving across county, and I'm pregnant!!! I figure I can either stress or feel blessed. I feel blessed. I choose happiness. WE choose happiness. Thank you to our families, friends, WWE, and the fans for all of the support! Let's continue building the #PowerofLove with my husband on Smackdown Live. Because the Power of Love is Real. I have the picture to prove it….. #MiraclesHappen #LifeHappens #thentherewerethree #alieninvasion @therealmichaelbennett @wwe Love, Maria and Mike and BABY ????+????=????

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As Maria announced, she is now 13 weeks pregnant, which is most likely why she has not been on television lately. She added that the couple tried to expand the family last year when their schedule was lighter but was unable to. However, “it was not meant to be,” and now is the time that was prepared for them.

The couple met during an independent show for Northeast Wrestling. Both were in relationships, but as situations changed, they started to get closer to each other. The relationship was publicized during their time working for the Ring of Honor promotion, as Maria would eventually manage the Kingdom faction led by Bennett.

Three years after their first public appearance together, in 2014, the couple were married. They also had a brief stint in Impact Wrestling, as Maria managed Mike while he was under the name “The Miracle.”

While the couple’s WWE future is uncertain, the future of the family looks to be lined up quite well.

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