Vanessa MacCormack: RIP Facebook Tributes To 30-Year-Old Popular 2nd-Grade Teacher Surge After Death 'Trauma'

Vanessa MacCormack is receiving plenty of attention on Facebook in the wake of her death. The 30-year-old MacCormack was found dead at approximately 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 23, according to Massachusetts State Police. A photo of a police officer outside of Vanessa's home on September 24, can be viewed via Getty Images. MacCormack was a popular second-grade teacher who was employed with Lynn Public Schools Department for seven years. Five of those years were with Connery Elementary School, a school in Lynn, Massachusetts.

Police have reported that Vanessa suffered trauma to her body, however, MacCormack's cause of death won't be revealed until the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner makes their findings public. In the interim, police are reaching out to the public for help in solving Vanessa's case. MacCormack's death may not have been a random occurrence, say authorities, who are asking folks who know anything about MacCormack's death or found themselves in the Grand View Avenue area on Saturday to call Revere Police at 781-286-8340 or State Police at 617-727-8817.

On Facebook, the Lynn Public Schools account posted a tribute to Vanessa, calling MacCormack's death tragic. Grief counselors have been lined up to help students and staff to deal with Vanessa's death, according to Principal Dr. Mary Dill. Meanwhile, Facebook photos like the one below from two years ago show Vanessa excited to move into the same home that is now the focus of the criminal investigation.

While the statement went on to say that Vanessa's community was heartbroken over the loss of the teacher who was loved by so many parents and students, MacCormack's Facebook page is gaining plenty of comments in Spanish and English. Many of the comments express shock at her death, and are asking what happened to Vanessa. With little information being released at this time by authorities, it is not clear how Vanessa died, but with the reports of "trauma" MacCormack's Facebook page is rife with speculations about murder.

[Featured Image by Vanessa MacCormack/Facebook]