NBA Trade Rumors: Knicks In Talks With ‘Mystery Team’ For Carmelo Anthony Trade As Rockets Deal Slips Away

There is now a mystery team in the mix to land Carmelo Anthony, reports indicate.

The NBA trade rumors suggest a new team could be in the running for Carmelo Anthony, with reports that the Knicks have been in talks with this “mystery team” after trade talks with the Houston Rockets fell apart yet again.

Anthony was on the trade block all summer after an extended falling out with Knicks management, though the team was unable to pull the trigger on a deal for him. There were reports in July that the Knicks and Houston Rockets were near the goal line in getting a deal done, but it came apart at the last minute and the Knicks have been unable to get much traction in new talks since then.

Now, with just days before the Knicks are starting training camp, the trade rumors have kicked into high gear with reports that the Knicks are expanding their hunt to a series of new teams. There were reports within the past few days that Anthony agreed to extend his no-trade clause beyond Houston, with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Portland Trail Blazers, and Oklahoma City Thunder entering the mix.

There may now be a new team in the NBA trade rumors. The New York Daily News reported that there is now a new team in the mix for Anthony, which is not one of the handful already reported to be in the running for his services.

“According to a source, the Knicks also reached out recently to a third team they think Anthony would waive his no-trade clause to join. That team, according to a source, is not the Blazers, whose backcourt stars – Damian Lillian and CJ McCollum – have openly recruited Anthony this offseason.”

CBS Sports speculated that this “mystery team” could be pushing the Portland Trail Blazers out of the running.

This comes amid reports that the Knicks and Rockets are moving ever further from getting a deal completed. Though just a few days ago Carmelo Anthony was reportedly “cautiously optimistic” that a trade with Houston would be completed, NBA reporter Jason McIntyre reported that it would now take a “Hail Mary” to get the deal done.

While it is becoming increasingly unclear where Carmelo Anthony will land, the NBA trade rumors indicate that a deal will eventually get done. The Knicks are reportedly set on moving forward without Anthony on the team this year, and the impending deadline of the training camp opening has made the team more motivated to move past any roadblocks and get the trade completed.

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