September 27, 2017
Izzy Bizu On Her 'A Moment Of Madness' Album, Touring With Chris Martin And Coldplay, And What's Ahead For Her

The year 2016 was big for British recording artist Izzy Bizu, who was chosen as the voice of the 2016 Euros and named as BBC Music's Introducing Artist Of The Year. 2017 has also proven to be just as special for Izzy Bizu, who recently supported Coldplay on the quartet's summer stadium tour. Bizu also received a lot of attention this year for her performance on the Milky Chance song "Bad Things."

Izzy Bizu may no longer be on the road with Coldplay, but she is still touring the world in support of last year's A Moment Of Madness. Single "White Tiger" did well all over the world -- now with over 75 million global Spotify streams -- while "Talking To You" proved to be her highest-charting song yet in her native England. Nike, Filtr, and Sebastian Professional are some of the brands that have recently featured Bizu.

On behalf of the Inquisitr, I had the pleasure of conducting Q&A with Ms. Bizu herself. She kindly entertained a few questions about the members of Coldplay, yet it is obvious that she herself is on the track towards long-term stardom. More on Izzy Bizu and her Epic Records debut -- which featured collaborations with Jimmy Hogarth, Paul Herman and Ian Barter -- can be found at her website.


If I understand things correctly, your career started to take off after an open mic appearance in February 2013. How often were you performing at open mics? What were you performing back then?

Izzu Bizu: Yes it did! I went to a few and the second one I went to was a competition and the prize was to do your own set the month after. I won and spent all month practicing with my good friend Mika. It was a lot of fun! We performed the tracks that were on my first EP, including "White Tiger."

A Moment Of Madness really opened things up for you internationally, but it took a while to get a proper U.S. release. Had you performed in the U.S. before landing the Coldplay tour?

Izzu Bizu: Oh yes it did!

Had you performed in the U.S. before landing the Coldplay tour?

Izzu Bizu: Well, it wasn't my first time, as I did a BBC Introducing Tour last November. But it was certainly the biggest audience I ever played in front of internationally!

How did you get connected with Coldplay? Did you have a mutual contact?

Izzu Bizu: Well, they are very in tune with all the new stuff that is coming out. So when they heard "White Tiger" and "Someone That Loves You," they kindly got in contact and asked me to join them on-tour! I am so grateful and appreciate how supportive they were of us. It always makes me smile and giggle when I think of that tour!

Do you enjoy performing in stadiums? Or does it make you long for intimate shows?

Izzu Bizu: I absolutely loved it, and I certainly didn't think I would have been as relaxed as I was; it is a minimum of 20,000 people. But the vibe backstage was so calming, and the kind and supportive words from Coldplay really made us all feel so comfortable!

Chris Martin performed with you during a recent show in Miami. How far in advance did that get planned?

Izzu Bizu: (laughs) Yes he did! I couldn't stop smiling. Well, we decided this at an after-show party and I woke up in the morning and my tour manager Ben said, "so Izzy there's talk of you doing a headline show and Chris will perform with you!" With great help from both of our teams a week later, we did the show together -- in the rain -- at this beautiful pop-up venue. He was so kind to agree to jam with me and I hope to have many more!

A Moment Of Madness features a variety of co-writers and producers. Around how many songs did you write for the album?

Izzu Bizu: I wrote all of the lyrics on the album and they are all very, very personal to me. In fact, it was quite hard sharing some of my innermost thoughts in the early days. I had the privilege to work with some amazing composers and music producers to bring them to life!

Do you have a favorite song on A Moment Of Madness?

Izzu Bizu: Yes, it's "What Makes You Happy." I love the cymbal crashes, and it was a good way for me to say something to someone that I couldn't in-person.

Have you begun work on your next album? Are there plans to keep touring in support of A Moment Of Madness?

Izzu Bizu: Yes, I've just started writing the new album, but am also doing a radio tour in America in support of the old one! A Moment Of Madness will always be a special one for me, but I'm also really excited about my new material. I've actually been playing a few new songs in my live shows since the beginning of the year.

You were a featured vocalist on a track by Milky Chance earlier this year. Do you like performing on other people's recordings?

Izzu Bizu: Yes I do, especially when it's two friends that I adore. They are such nice guys and a joy to write with. I actually wrote the song with them at their studio in Germany. I can't wait to see them again!

When not busy with music, how do you like to spend your free time?

Izzu Bizu: I like to skate, cook, see friends...

So far, what has been your favorite album of 2017?

Izzu Bizu: Anderson.Paak and Michael Kiwanuka.

Finally, Izzy, any last words for the kids?

Izzu Bizu: Don't smoke -- it's tough to quit.


[Featured Image by Violet Foulk]