September 22, 2017
WWE Rumors: Major Update Regarding Daniel Bryan's WWE Future Revealed

There have been some major changes on SmackDown Live over the past couple of weeks. Shane McMahon has been suspended as the commissioner of the brand and there are rumors about Triple H taking over the role for the foreseeable future. Despite all the changes and the rivalry between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens reaching a boiling point, Daniel Bryan remains in the middle of everything as the general manager.

It's no secret that he would rather be wrestling than being an authority figure on SmackDown Live, but it is a role that he's going to have to play for a while. Regardless of his frustration with being kept out of the ring for another year, his contract with WWE will expire next summer. There have been some reports about him training for an in-ring return with Brie Bella. WWE officials are not too happy about that news getting out.

The powers that be don't want any videos leaking out of Bryan taking bumps because it would create some backlash against the company. Even if Bryan wrestles for another promotion after his WWE deal expires, it seems that WWE officials want to show that the company did everything in their power to protect Bryan in the unfortunate event that he suffers a serious injury after returning to the ring. Bryan won't be allowed to wrestle in a WWE ring. He's made a retirement speech and could even be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Daniel Bryan is Training With Brie Bella
[Image by WWE]

It's being rumored that Daniel Bryan is one of the biggest names up for an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame next year in New Orleans. On paper, it makes sense because it was the city where Bryan became the WWE Champion after defeating Triple H, Randy Orton, and Batista in the same night at WrestleMania 30.

An induction would be both a way for WWE to celebrate Daniel Bryan's accomplishments before he leaves the company, but it would also be a way for the company to absolve themselves of anything he does outside of WWE after his contract expires. There is no guarantee that Bryan will wrestle again, but most rumors are claiming that he's going to try again. His future with WWE will be about using him to help the SmackDown Live brand and honor him for his accomplishments before he makes some huge choices over the next year.

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