Michelle Obama Says What She Thinks Of Trump's 'America First' Agenda And Reveals If She'll Run For President

Michelle Obama was her most vocal yet in her criticism of Donald Trump's presidency. The former first lady has spoken out on occasion about Trump's agenda and his policies, especially making changes to her initiative of the school lunch program. The administration reduced government restrictions on food that America's children eat in the public school system. Mrs. Obama was disillusioned at the president, stunned at why he was "okay with kids eating crap."

On Thursday, Michelle Obama attended an event in which she was part of a moderated conversation in Salt Lake City that was hosted by Pluralsight, a company in Utah. She was asked to reveal how she feels about the way the world is right now. She groaned and cringed at the question and admitted to the audience that she "doesn't have much of a poker voice," referring to Trump's presidency. She's known to slam President Trump without mentioning his name and she continued with the trend in her latest appearance. The Salt Lake City Tribune reported that Mrs. Obama began by making comparisons to how her husband and Trump lead the nation.

"We are looking at two different administrations," Michelle Obama said.

Michelle said one was built on hope and the other is led by fear. She's doesn't share the view of Trump's "America First" agenda, declaring that "it isn't just us first."

"We live in a big country and a big world. … You can't just want to help someone in a hurricane and not make sure they can go to the doctor when they're sick."
Many of the 1,000 audience members -- the majority made up of IT employees -- reportedly applauded the first lady's remarks and nodded in agreement. In the short time Donald Trump has been president, he's attempted to erase Barack Obama's legacy.A woman at the event shouted that Michelle Obama should run for president, something that's a dream for so many Democrats. What she said wasn't music to their ears.
"Oh no! That's still shocking. Like what? Are you kidding me? No. No, running for office is nowhere on the radar screen but continuing in public service is something I will do for the rest of my life."
Mrs. Obama was open about sharing the relief she felt when her family left the White House.
"Freedom! I'm out!"
Democrats won't let her resistance against running for president in 2020 stop them from holding their breath. Mrs. Obama has immense appeal and is widely viewed as the one figure who can bring the Democratic Party together.

Michelle shared her thoughts in saying that she knows "things are tough right now" and believes that "we're being tested." In spite of that, she professes to be hopeful and is confident the political climate will improve.

Supporters of Barack and Michelle Obama can rest assured that they aren't going anywhere. The former first lady explained that they won't go away and will be there to help the next generation take their places.

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