‘Dragon Ball Super’ Special, Ep. 111-113: Anime Teases Biggest Shock In Franchise History, Jiren’s Crazy Power

Goku will be more powerful than ever in 'Dragon Ball Super'

Details about the Dragon Ball Super episodes airing this October including the much-awaited one-hour special have been revealed, teasing some exciting turn of events in the ongoing Tournament of Power.

As discussed by the ever-reliable Dragon Ball insider Todd Blankenship, the one-hour special, (which will basically serve as Episode 109 and 110 aired back to back) will showcase one of the biggest matches so far in the competition.

Jiren the Grey, who is deemed the strongest warrior from Universe 11, will finally take on Goku in the Dragon Ball Super special. Jiren’s power has been glimpsed in the previous episodes of the anime.

In fact, even Goku was taken aback after seeing for himself what his opponent can do, which, knowing the hero, only made him more eager to fight him. With these two bound to meet soon in Dragon Ball Super, their showdown should be nothing short of super-charged.

As per the description from the Dragon Ball Super tipster, Jiren will not waste any time and will immediately unleash a powerful ki that “overwhelms all the contestants.”

The Universe 6 hero retaliates by slipping into his Super Saiyan Blue form and charging the Kaio-Ken to maximum. This will be just the beginning as viewers are bound to see a lot more mind-blowing action as this match unfolds.

A screenshot of Jiren from 'Dragon Ball Super'

It has been teased for a while now that Goku will unlock his most powerful transformation yet in Dragon Ball Super and this should take place in the one-hour special. The description provided by Blankenship teases what fans can expect:

“Son Goku’s eyes are silver…! What in the world is going on?!

“The Tournament of Power is heating up!!! In this super-anticipated one-hour special, Goku and the rest of the Universe 7 wage a super-fierce battle against Universe 11!!”

The Dragon Ball Super episode promises to treat viewers with “a shock the like of which has never before seen in DB history” and advises fans to “keep their eyes peeled for something big that’s going to happen to Goku.”

The hero will make use of a brand new technique that will blow fans away and this will be demonstrated by how his eyes change color (they will turn silver as white and blue aura forms around him) when he taps into this new level of power. As to what this new power-up will be all about, fans will have to tune in to Dragon Ball Super on October 8 to watch how it all goes down.

A screenshot of Vegeta from 'Dragon Ball Super'

Blankenship also shared the titles for the episodes that will follow, which will give fans an idea how Goku and Jiren’s match will turn out. The October 15 installment of Dragon Ball Super is titled “Hit vs. Jiren.”

From what can be gleaned from the title, Jiren will still have enough energy left to battle another opponent, and a powerful one at that, after what is expected to be an exhausting match with Goku.

This not only hints of the insane amount of strength and power this Universe 11 warrior has, but more importantly, it also implies that he emerges as the victor in his fight against the Saiyan.

On October 22, Dragon Ball Super will air an episode titled “Vegeta’s Resolve.” It will be followed by an installment titled “Fighting Maniac Saiyan Battle.”

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]