WWE Rumors: WWE Network Could Feature TNA, ROH, And New TV-14 Hardcore Wrestling Programs

Will the WWE Network soon include a new “hardcore wrestling” program with a TV-14 rating, as well as TNA and Ring of Honor programs? How about wrestling shows based on popular series such as Game of Thrones and The Office? It seems like all of these are within the realm of possibilities as the company recently sent out a survey to fans to gauge interest in a variety of new components for the network. Among those upgrades and new features mentioned were a variety of new types of shows that may be unveiled for the WWE Network.

As Wrestling Inc reported, the WWE sent out a special fan survey on Wednesday to determine what sorts of features and programs fans would like to see introduced to the WWE Network. A new “premium priced tier” of programming for the network was mentioned in the survey. Some of the suggested options for possible content and shows including “Historic and new programming from TNA/Impact/Global Force Wrestling” as well as “Ring of Honor.” Right now, WWE features neither of these competing companies on their network which has raised some interest in what this might mean for the future of professional wrestling. Rumors are continuing to float around that WWE will be purchasing Global Force Wrestling at some point, but nothing has been said with regards to Ring of Honor.

WWE may introduce TV 14 hardcore wrestling program

Also of interest is the fact that WWE mentioned bringing coverage of special live events such as WWE house shows, scripted dramas, reality shows, comedies, and even a special “TV-14” hardcore wrestling program for fans. Not much more was elaborated on, as far as what this programming would be. One might wonder if it would be a new show that happens in addition to the WWE Raw and SmackDown Live shows each week similar to Main Event, or even better, similar to the good, old ECW program that WWE used to have.

Over the recent weeks, there has been speculation that WWE is slowly moving its television programming to include more mature content. Roman Reigns has included curse words in his promos with John Cena, which have been censored. Jinder Mahal and the company have faced backlash over remarks about Shinsuke Nakamura that were deemed racist in nature. Then there’s the new storyline with Carmella parading her lackey, James Ellsworth, around on a leash and having him act like a dog.

All of this would seem to point to WWE moving toward what many fans reveled in years ago, as the “Attitude Era” really helped put WWE back on the map. Legends were created such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin during this time. There was also the former ECW, which really played a big part in making some memorable moments in professional wrestling over the years. In more recent years, the company moved away from this as they looked to present a more family-friendly program in conjunction with their other endeavors, including movie making, toys, and charity events.

WWE rumors of WWE Network featuring tna roh and hardcore shows

However, the WWE also wants to sell subscriptions to the network and increase revenue. While that may be possible through all of the business ventures they’re involved in, what’s best for business may be offering special premium priced programming to lure in fans who want a little something more. The fact that TNA and Ring of Honor are also getting mentioned shows just how serious WWE is about continuing to dominate the sports entertainment world.

Wrestling fans, what do you think a hardcore wrestling program on the WWE Network should include?

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