‘BB19’ Update: Christmas Talks About Relationship With Paul, Says ‘I Don’t Know’ When Asked About Feelings

Big Brother 19 is over, yet fans of the season still have some lingering questions about houseguests and where they will go from here. In a backyard interview that took place after leaving the BB19 house Wednesday night, Christmas Abbott seemed to dodge one of these inquiries when asked about her true feelings for fellow castmate Paul Abrahamian.

As part of his in-depth line of questioning for fans of his podcast, RHAP, Rob Cesternino indicated to Christmas that she needed to settle something.

Perplexed, Christmas asked, “What do I have to settle?”

Rob continued by asking her how she actually feels about Paul.

The reason behind this question stems from the fact that while in the Big Brother 19 house, Paul and Christmas appeared to be quite close. At times, they could be seen on live feeds cuddling in bed, spooning, and stroking each other’s hair, but the affection never went further than that.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, at one point in the season, their closest ally and the eventual winner of BB19, Josh Martinez, asked Christmas and Paul if they were in a showmance, joking that he felt like a third wheel around the pair.

Christmas finally answered Rob’s question regarding Paul, smiling as she declared, “He’s loud. He talks a lot.”

Rob dug deeper, telling Christmas how fans of Big Brother 19 had seen her talking out loud on live feeds about losing her heart in the house. He added that she also said she wasn’t sure if her “heart was going to be broken.”

As Rob spoke, Christmas appeared uncomfortable and slightly embarrassed.

She responded, “Well… you’re not subtle,” and then laughed.

She tried to recall when she may have uttered such musings to the cameras, and Rob reminded her it was when she was alone in bed.

This live feed confession, previously covered by the Inquisitr, took place in the Head of Household (HOH) room, as Christmas lay alone in bed watching Paul on the TV monitor before her.

Christmas told Rob while in the BB19 house, it’s easy to forget the cameras are there.

She also noted regarding Paul, “I think he’s an amazing person… and [the] Big Brother house amplifies everything. And, you know, we’re not quite out of the house.”

Christmas ended her statement with, “So, I don’t know,” which could be interpreted to mean she really does have strong feelings for Paul.

Since Christmas voted for Paul to win the Big Brother 19 game over Josh during the live finale, Rob asked whether her affection for Paul had anything to do with her vote. She said she gave Paul her jury vote because she believed he played a great game.

It should be noted that Rob asked Paul about the relationship he had with Christmas in the house, and Paul said he adores Christmas but doesn’t believe in showmances. In addition, throughout the Big Brother 19 season, Paul periodically said he has a girlfriend who he would refer to as his “Little Burrito” when he spoke to the live feed cameras.

Although this season of Big Brother 19 is over, in just a few months, Celebrity Big Brother will premiere on CBS this winter.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]