Ivanka Trump’s ‘Dr. Oz’ Videos: Talk Of Melania’s Fashion Choices ‘Objectify’ Her, Barron Should Be Off-Limits

Ivanka Trump let down her hair with Dr. Oz and talked about everything from President Donald Trump’s Twitter account to First Lady Melania Trump’s fashion choices to Barron Trump’s T-shirt and beyond. The videos below show her laughing with Dr. Oz, and Ivanka’s appearance on the show featured segments that also saw her holding a brain and getting squeamish while doing so.

Ivanka told Dr. Oz that she is the middle child seeking to bring everyone together when describing her role as the peacemaker in her family. Ivanka’s older brother Don was called very opinionated by Ivanka.

Dr. Oz read a passage from Hillary Clinton’s book that seemed critical of Ivanka’s decision not to speak out against some of President Trump’s policies. As a response, Ivanka said she would ask Hillary if she verbally expressed all of her disagreements with the President of the U.S. at the time when Clinton had an office in the West Wing.

Overall, Ivanka’s appearance on Dr. Oz touched on everything from the political to the personal. Ivanka said that she didn’t know she would reveal her slight bouts with postpartum depression that she suffered with all three of her children, but she did explain to Dr. Oz that it got easier because she knew what to expect.

When it came time to defend her family members, Ivanka did admit that it rankled her to see Melania criticized for her fashion choices. By focusing on Melania’s fashion, people were objectifying the first lady, according to Ivanka. Ivanka didn’t mince words when it came to defending her younger brother. As an 11-year-old, Barron Trump should not be criticized for the T-shirt he chooses to wear and should be off-limits, Ivanka said like an older protective sister.


Ivanka didn’t once call President Trump “dad” or “daddy,” nor did she make any mention of claims that he may have objectified women.

Ivanka told Dr. Oz that President Trump’s choices to try and eradicate opioid addiction were likely a personal choice, especially after witnessing the harmful effects that alcoholism had upon Trump’s brother.

Ivanka also spoke of her passion for STEM and agreed to play a little game with Dr. Oz on changing the name of the acronym that people didn’t always associate with science, technology, engineering, and math but with stem cell research. Dr. Oz came up with “Wonder Women” as one option.

Ivanka explained that her passion was found in learning and teaching young women how to code, even though Ivanka admitted that her daughter was teaching her how to code.

Ivanka also admitted to Dr. Oz that she would love to take over President Trump’s Twitter account for a few days.

Ivanka wore a black dress with red designs and a bow in her hair. She laughed often and seemed relaxed and poised as she spoke with Dr. Oz, reaching out to touch Dr. Oz during certain moments.

In the end, when Dr. Oz asked Ivanka if it was time for President Trump to come back for his annual checkup with Dr. Oz, Ivanka said that as a matter of fact, she did think it was time for her dad to make it back to the good doctor’s show.


[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]