Some Fans Feel Paul Abrahamian Should Have Won The $500,000 Prize And Have Set Up GoFundMe Accounts For Him

Paul Abrahamian spent two summers in the Big Brother house. Twice he made it to the final two, twice he faced the jury, and twice he came in second place. Some of his fans feel that Paul was robbed of the win by a bitter jury.

Social media blew up last night when Paul once again become the runner-up of Big Brother. There are some die-hard Team Paul supporters, and it seemed that all of them wanted to weigh in on their thoughts of why Paul failed to get the needed five votes from the jury of nine.

As reported on the Facebook group ‘Big Brother Exposed’, one of Paul Abrahamian’s fans decided to take action, and others have quickly jumped on the bandwagon. A GoFundMe account was set up for Paul by Devon Gray of Paulsboro, New Jersey. The fan’s reasoning is that once again Paul came in second place. He was robbed of the win and the additional $450,000 in prize money, so that is the goal amount to be raised. As of the publication of this article, 11 fans are in agreement and have donated a total of $120 for Paul Abrahamian to add to his winnings of $50,000 as the runner-up. There are other GoFundMe accounts popping up for the same cause.

Paul Abrahamian has become Big Brother royalty over the past two summers. He is not the first great gamer to fall short of the win. In fact, there have been several Big Brother greats over the years who never made the final two. He has won over $100,000 from the CBS hit reality show in two summers.

Paul has a successful business and a band. Now that he is returning to his life, he will have so many opportunities from his time in the Big Brother house. Along with his personal obligations, he will be involved in several interviews and many meet-and-greets over the next few months. Fans won’t have to worry about how the puppet master is doing. He will be just fine with all the earning opportunities he has at his fingertips.

Will you be donating to the cause to make sure Paul gets the money some fans feel he rightfully deserves? How do you feel about Paul only making $100,000 in two summers instead of $550,000? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]