Ayesha Curry Talks Changing The ‘Mold Of Beauty’ As The New Face Of CoverGirl Cosmetics

Ayesha Curry, the Canadian-American star of Ayesha’s Home Kitchen and wife of NBA star, Steph Curry, is now the newest face of CoverGirl cosmetics. According to reports, this could be the very first time a chef and best-selling author is the face of a beauty campaign.

The cosmetics giant is excited with Ayesha Curry representing the brand and see her as relatable with her high-energy personality, blossoming career, and young modern family. The brand said that Curry embodies “CoverGirl’s philosophy of empowering women to fearlessly and relentlessly pursue their passions and boldly express themselves to the world.”

CoverGirl has a strong commitment to diversity when it comes to its spokespeople, according to Ukonwa Ojo, CoverGirl’s global senior vice president.

“Because CoverGirl is such an inclusive brand that values diversity, there isn’t any one set of characteristics that defines a CoverGirl… We love to celebrate what makes each of us unique.”

The 28-year-old, who has 5.2 million Instagram followers under her belt, penned a national best-seller, The Seasoned Life, and is also a busy mom. CoverGirl’s global senior vice president said Curry was chosen in an effort to represent a wide range of people who buy drugstore makeup, according to Glamour magazine.

“We realized we were casting a certain genre of CoverGirls, but in reality there’s so many beautiful women and men who use makeup for different roles every day.”

Ayesha is the first CoverGirl spokesperson who’s not an actress, singer, or influencer. Yet, Curry joins an eclectic lineup of celeb reps from all different backgrounds that include Katy Perry, Zendaya, Janelle Monáe, Becky G, YouTuber James Charles, Sofia Vergara, and Nura Afia. The announcement that Ayesha was on board was fresh off CoverGirl’s announcement that Insecure star Issa Rae was joining the brand.

On Wednesday, CoverGirl announced that Ayesha will front the brand’s new Peacock Flare Mascara campaign, which will hit stores in November.

“We thought it’d be great to celebrate one in particular, who not only has a different role than we have in the past, but plays a number of different roles, and does so really successfully and is admired for millions because of it.”

When asked her thoughts on being chosen for this particular CoverGirl campaign, Ayesha said it was “such an honor.”

Chef Ayesha Curry is the new CoverGirl

“I remember my mom wearing CoverGirl. And no joke, the first lipstick I got was CoverGirl. It was this pearly pink shimmer that was not the color for me, but it sticks in your mind. And I have two little girls, four and one. My four-year-old is obsessed with makeup, and not through me! All on her own. But ultimately I’m teaching her that it’s not a necessity; it’s a treat. It’s a tool that you can use to transform yourself. I think that’s important. You don’t need the makeup. It just makes you feel fun and allows you to be creative. That’s what I love about it.”

When asked about “feeling beautiful” while growing up, Curry said there were moments in which she felt beautiful but she didn’t feel beautiful all of the time until she became a mom.

“It really allowed me to realize no one is perfect. Throughout high school I was made fun of a lot. I was a lot smaller than the other kids, and I have a big gap in my teeth. I had pretty bad acne. So I struggled with that. I was always confident and comfortable. But motherhood is what really made me feel beautiful.”

When asked if she felt included in the “beauty conversation” by Glamour magazine, Curry admitted that she understood Janelle Monáe, another CoverGirl, who previously talked about how she felt left out because she never saw people that looked like her in ads.

Ayesha Curry said from a career standpoint, she is not the “mold” of what makeup companies usually go for and loves what CoverGirl is doing.

Curry added, “I’m a chef and an entrepreneur. I’m not an actress; I’m not a singer. I guess I’m in the entertainment industry, but I’m in a different category. I’m so grateful for them for putting me in that spot.”

Curry said she wants to empower people so they don’t feel as if they are putting themselves in a box.

“Growing up, I only saw one thing, and it’s great that we’re changing the mold and paving our own paths.”

More recently, a select study named CoverGirl the drugstore brand millennials feel most loyal to. The study also pointed to CoverGirl as the cosmetics line to which Generation X and Baby Boomers are most attached.

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