‘BB19’ Fans Blow Up Twitter After Bitter ‘BB19’ Jury Chooses Winner And Confused AFP Is Named

Big Brother 19 has finally come to an end after a long, yet thoroughly entertaining summer of drama, passion, betrayal, and questionable gameplay. The self-admitted bitter jury chose the BB19 winner on the live season finale, leaving some fans questioning the decision. That choice, along with the crowning of America’s Favorite Player (AFP) led to fans blowing up Twitter, with some expressing anger and others offering messages of support.

Prior to the BB19 winner being chosen, it was clear from the jury roundtable featured on the finale episode that jurors had disdain for Paul Abrahamian’s game. Almost every juror, with the exception of Matthew Clines and Raven Walton, felt Paul had unforgivably deceived them using lies and manipulation that they just couldn’t forget. Matt and Raven, on the other hand, believed that this type of behavior is simply part of the Big Brother game and supported Paul’s moves in the house.

Despite this, the vote for the BB19 winner was still very close with Paul losing to Josh Martinez by just one vote. The last vote read by show host Julie Chen was that of Cody Nickson, who voted for Josh. Cody’s decision was likely based on the fact that during the jury roundtable he noted that although he hated both Paul and Josh, he appreciated that Josh was not afraid to get his hands dirty and be vocal, while Paul stood behind the scenes watching everything he had orchestrated play out.

Fans took to Twitter, with some expressing pure joy that Josh had won Big Brother 19, offering the Floridian congratulations on his huge victory, including famed Big Brother alumnus Dan Gheesling.

Many of those tweeting, however, were not so pleased that Josh took home the grand prize of $500,000, as they were convinced Paul should have been the BB19 winner. One Twitter user wrote that Paul was the “real winner” of the season, while another asserted that the jury’s decision was based on “hurt feelings” and called jury members “beyond dumb.”

Also causing a frenzy on Twitter was the fact that houseguest Cody Nickson was voted by fans to be the Big Brother 19 AFP and win the $25,000 prize that accompanies the designation. Even Cody seemed confused about winning AFP and appeared shocked following Julie’s announcement. One Twitter user indicated she thought the AFP vote was “rigged,” while another wrote “I’m dead” at the Cody win.

Others tweeted they were pleased with Cody winning AFP even though they disliked this season of Big Brother.

Although this season of Big Brother is over, in just a few months Celebrity Big Brother will premiere on CBS. CBB has been airing for years in the United Kingdom, but this will be the first such incarnation of this version of Big Brother in the United States, so American fans of the series are excited for the show to air.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]