‘Kindred Spirits’: A Cautionary Tale For Aspiring Paranormal Investigators [Spoilers]

For fans of Amy Bruni and Adam Berry’s paranormal TV show Kindred Spirits, the media preview of this week’s episode reveals a whole new side of paranormal investigating — or, to be more precise, the potential consequences of paranormal investigating and the ethical responsibilities for those communicating with spirits of the deceased.

Intrigued? Well, read on, but beware of mild spoilers ahead for this Friday’s episode of Kindred Spirits,”The Executioner.”

‘Kindred Spirits’ Sees The ‘Needle’ And The Damage Done

Many of the fans of shows like Kindred Spirits as well as other paranormal investigative programs dream of getting to investigate a haunted location themselves like Bruni and Berry. Unfortunately, the house Bruni and Berry investigate this week has been having an increase in paranormal activity since the resident brought in his friends to help do some investigating. The owner fell down some steps and feels he was pushed and that whatever is haunting his house is something “demonic.”

This doesn’t seem too far-fetched when Adam and Amy discover that the house was built and owned by Edwin Davis, who was the first executioner for New York State and the inventor of the electric chair. Yikes, right?

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Bruni And Berry Chase The Executioner Who Built The House

Without giving away any big spoilers for Friday night, suffice it to say that the fact that this house was built by the real executioner who invented the electric chair is pretty scary in itself, but for fans of Kindred Spirits, this episode takes a huge twist that no one will see coming.

Having said that, although this location is potentially haunted by the ghost of one very scary man, don’t fret too much over the safety of Bruni and Berry — rest assured that neither will be the ghost being hunted in future episodes of Kindred Spirits, as they make it out alive and well — or at least physically alive and well, anyway, but maybe not so much emotionally, particularly Berry.

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Do Paranormal Investigators Have Ethical Obligations To The Dead?

Kindred Spirits, as well as other shows like Paranormal Lockdown, are known for a more subdued, serious, approach to paranormal investigations over some other high-action, high-drama paranormal shows, as well as really digging into the human elements of the history of the locations they investigate. Kindred Spirits fans have likely already emptied a few tissue boxes during previous episodes for the families and residents in these haunted houses who find some peace after Bruni and Berry do their investigations.

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While the peace of mind of the owner is certainly a concern in “The Executioner,” Bruni and Berry themselves struggle to find some peace of mind after encountering the spirits haunting this house on Friday’s episode of Kindred Spirits. And, unfortunately, they use this experience to caution viewers of the possible consequences that may arise when inexperienced paranormal investigators come into a home with an antagonistic approach to the spirits still lurking there.

They say treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Friday night on Kindred Spirits, that saying extends to both the living and the dead. Kindred Spirits airs Friday nights on TLC at 9 pm ET.

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