Paranormal Investigators, Tennessee Wraith Chasers, Join Ghost Hunt Weekends At Paulding Jail

The Tennessee Wraith Chasers debuted a new series this month on Destination America, Haunted Towns, but the stars of Ghost Asylum gave paranormal fans a chance to investigate spirits for real a few days after the series premiere as part of Ghost Hunt Weekends’ Paulding Jail investigation. Ghost Hunt Weekends invited the Tennessee Wraith Chasers and a large crowd of their fans and fellow ghost hunters to the historic site in Paulding, Ohio, for an evening of paranormal presentations, photo ops, autographs, and, of course, ghost hunting with the Tennessee Wraith Chasers (TWC.)

The Paulding Jail Resurrected As A Paranormal Hotspot

The Paulding jail was built in 1876 and was purchased by Ghost Hunt Weekends crew member Shelly Buck Robertson in 2015 for mere $15,000. Now it’s the home base of her paranormal investigation group 187 P.I.

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For hard-core fans of the Tennessee Wraith Chasers — and country-western bars — the event kicked off Friday night with a VIP meet-and-greet at the Rusty Spur in Fort Wayne, Indiana. But the main event was Saturday night, touring through several locations in the Paulding jail and getting some first-hand paranormal investigation time with the guys in TWC.

Aspiring Paranormal Investigators Get Inspiration From The Tennessee Wraith Chasers

From the jail cells upstairs, to the kitchen, to the basement “dungeon,” the small groups got paranormal investigation tips from the Tennessee Wraith Chasers and searched for evidence with spirit boxes, digital tape recorders, EMF monitors, and got to try out a custom built adapter/amplifier for spirit boxes that filters out the white noise and amplifies communication.

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It also seems to be the favorite communication device of the spirits at Paulding. After initially getting no response in the kitchen, the Ghost Hunt Weekend’s staff offered to bring out the device and the EMF meters went crazy. There was plenty of chatter on the box after that, although often hard to understand. Some paranormal investigators felt like they were touched.

Other hotspots included the jail cells, where a laser grid revealed a shadow figure, plus plenty of spirit box and EVP responses in the basement, where evidence from a cold case involving the murder of a local girl many years ago was found behind a wall. Despite the discovery, the case remains unsolved.

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Ghost Hunt Weekends Takes A Paranormal Side Tour To The Library

Paranormal groups also visited Paulding County Carnegie Library around the corner to search for the ghost of a librarian with Tennessee Wraith Chasers’ Chris Smith. Most of the evening there was little activity there, except one group captured the name “Ida,” only to find out later there had been a librarian by that name who worked there.

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Even though most ghost hunters attending had little luck in the library, they enjoyed a break in the only air-conditioned pit stop on the tour. Plus, how often do fans get to hang out in the dark with Chris, who sort of resembles a real-life Dean Winchester from Supernatural, right?

Speaking of the library, Ghost Hunt Weekends donated $300 to the library to give a little something back to the community. Ghost Hunt Weekends has upcoming events in October and November with psychic Chip Coffey (Paranormal State, Psychic Kids) and Adam Berry (Ghost Hunters, Kindred Spirits) at the Thomas House Hotel near Nashville and Rhodes Hall in Atlanta.

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