Kim Jong Un Orders Deeds Of Gore, Keeps Schoolgirl Sex Slaves, Reveals Defector

Kim Jong Un’s reputation is less than stellar, and with the latest news revealed about the North Korean dictator, it doesn’t appear that he’s on the road to redemption. The gore that is reportedly done at the direction of Kim is more than what most human minds can fathom. The recent reports of gruesome displays in public concerning executions and the way they are carried out sounds like he is a man to be feared, as one female defector indicates. Couple that with his new arsenal of nuclear weapons, you can understand why Kim Jong Un has become a worry for people around the globe.

The latest reports on Kim’s daily habits seem to confirm his value on human life has not swayed as executions are still held as big entertainment venues courtesy of Kim. Hee Yeon, who fled Pyongyang in 2015 to find safety in Seoul, told reporters about the “constant” fear she was in while living under the rule of Kim Jong Un.

According to Fox News, Hee Yeon told reporters that “Despite our privilege we were scared. I saw terrible things in Pyongyang.” She described how the “prettiest” schoolgirls are taken away from their homes and placed in one of the hundreds of houses Kim has around Pyongyang. These girls learn to serve him by waiting on him and cooking the delicacies and dishes that he happens to have a whim for at the time. They learn how to massage Kim and he makes them his “sex slaves,” the defector also claimed.

Hee said these schoolgirls don’t dare complain or make mistakes because they can easily disappear. This type of activity goes on in the many private residences that Kim keeps as his own. He lives with the best money can buy, he exploits young girls, and he has executed many who don’t agree with his ways. Then to top it off, the people of his nation suffer without food and the majority of them live in poverty.

Kim Jong Un standing with head popping out of moon roof of car in military demonstration

Hee Yeon also talked about the executions and the gore entailed in these public venues that she herself has witnessed. Kim’s habit of holding public executions was confirmed by a report that was released in July from the Transnational Justice Working Group, which is based out of Seoul. The group reports that Kim makes a display of these public executions in schoolyards, sports stadiums, and on bridges.

Kim orders the executions along with ordering the public there to view them. Hee was in a group of about 10,000 North Korean citizens who witnessed a group of 11 musicians executed after they were accused of making an adult film. The 11 were “lashed to the end of anti-aircraft guns.” When the guns went off they just disappeared as their bodies were blown into bits and pieces from the powerful ammunition shot from those powerful guns.

The ground was blood-soaked and pieces of people were scattered across the area, the defector recalled. Military tanks then rolled over all this gore left in the wake of the execution. The remains were just smashed into the ground by the tank’s tracks. She said this image still haunts her and she couldn’t eat for three days after witnessing this.

There’s no one who could escape being executed if they showed disloyalty to Kim. She grew up believing that he was “like a god.” When Kim was a young boy he was touted as an “expert sailor and marksman” before the age of 7, which is what she learned about this future dictator while growing up.

She said that years later when she met Kim, she found him terrifying and anything but god-like. It doesn’t appear as if Kim has much value for human life, which has been indicated in reports that have laced the headlines globally through the years. Reports that Kim Jong Un executed his uncle a few years back caught the world’s attention in the headlines because of the gore that was reported in this execution. According to these reports, Kim believed that his uncle and his colleagues were planning a coup in tandem with China.

Kim Jong Un Smiles and Waves

Initial reports said that he had his uncle, Jang Song Thaek, stripped of all clothes and thrown into a large cage filled with 120 dogs that Kim had starved in preparation for this day. People Magazine had reported on this back in 2014, but they did say they were “unconfirmed reports” at the time. This report indicated that Kim and his brother watched this grotesque execution with 300 officials. This long, gruesome execution of the dogs eating his uncle alive was said to last the better part of an hour.

Thie original report came out in the beginning of January that year, and later in the month, the BBC cautioned that all of the information in this story may not be true. Kim did execute his uncle and the uncle’s colleagues, but they weren’t sure he did so by feeding them to hungry dogs. The problem lies with Kim, who is known to order some awful things done to people. The report of his uncle being fed to hungry dogs was believable only because of his past history, suggests the BBC. Whether the dogs ate the man or Kim had him killed before a firing squad, the point was people didn’t question the original gruesome report because of Kim’s history of gore.

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