Brad Pitt Continues To Take High Road And Praises Ex, Angelina Jolie Insinuates Family Better Without Him

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been embroiled in difficult divorce proceedings for a year now. The whole process got off to a tumultuous start when Jolie reportedly blindsided the Allied star with her public announcement that she was divorcing Pitt and seeking full custody of their six children for their best interest.

Following this point, an FBI investigation was launched against Pitt for allegations of child abuse after the star was apparently aggressive while intoxicated on a private jet. Pitt was swiftly cleared, yet the wounds of the allegations likely are still fresh. Since then, Brad has sought addiction counselling and, despite the Jolie’s actions, has never said a negative word about his estranged star wife.

Brad has given only one sit-down interview since the divorce proceedings began, and in his feature with GQ Style, he simply referred to Jolie as “human” when asked about the rocky start of the process. Angelina, however, has been more vocal and has given a number of interviews to address the difficulties and challenges her family is facing.

Recently, a source shared that Pitt has continued to only speak kindly about his ex, commending her for her efforts in her career. The Hollywood Life insider states that Brad “is still very proud of Angelina’s latest film and thinks it is her best work yet. He has seen it and he has been telling friends what a great job Angelina did on the film. He’s been very supportive of everything surrounding Angelina’s project.”

The source notes that Brad is not about getting revenge. Instead, his main focus is on making this transition as painless as possible for his family. Both Brad and Angelina agreed to seal court documents in January for the purpose of making the process easier on their brood.

Angelina spoke most recently with the New York Times and inferred that her decision to divorce Brad was made when she was filming her latest Netflix effort, First They Killed My Father. The beauty stated that working on the film “she thought a lot about what family meant… and how they should help each other and take care of one another.” Additionally, Jolie indicated that her family is doing better than ever, insinuating that without Pitt, things have been easier.

Since Pitt has sought counseling and made changes in his habits, he has been permitted more time with his children and continues to try to be there for his family.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]