Cassidy Goodson, Teen Who Strangled Her Newborn Son, Gets 18 Months In Plea Deal

Bartow, FL – Lakeland teen, Cassidy Goodson, will serve 18 months, for murdering her infant son. She was given notable leniency, when comparing the grisliness of the crime versus the terms of her plea deal.

In September 19, 2012 Goodson went into labor in a bathroom in her home. The 14-year-old had hidden her pregnancy from her family. She birthed a living 9 pound baby boy. Thereafter, the details are disturbing. Investigators allege that Goodson wrapped her hands around the infant’s neck and applied pressure until the newborn stopped breathing. Goodson cleaned the scene, and placed the infant’s deceased body into a shoebox.

When asked about the mess and soiled items in the bathroom, Goodson confessed to her mother that she’d simply miscarried. Her mother, having suspected the teen had been pregnant, took her to the Lakeland Regional Medical Center.

Three days later, her mother made the gruesome discovery in the shoebox and called authorities. Goodson was arrested and charged with first degree murder and aggravated child abuse, as reported by ABC News. She later re-enacted how she killed the baby boy using a doll.

Goodson plead-out to a lesser charge of manslaughter, and will serve up to 18 months in a maximum security facility for juveniles. reports that had Cassidy been convicted of murder, and sent to prison, all those involved agreed it would simply have been a second life lost. They all felt the girl deserved a second chance. No one wants to see her life be thrown away on such a senseless act.

Upon sentencing, the judge was satisfied that the teen had no other criminal history, and was unlikely to be a threat. If Cassidy completes her program without incident, she’ll reappear before the judge in 18 months, be placed on probation, and be set free. If she violates the terms of her release, Goodson could be charged as an adult, and face up to 15 years.

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