Cassidy Goodson, 14, Arrested For Murder: Allegedly Choked Her Newborn And Put His Body In A Shoe Box

Polk County, FL – A 14-year-old Florida girl was arrested on first degree murder charges after she allegedly strangled her newborn son to death and stuffed his dead body into a shoe box. She reportedly gave birth to the baby secretly, in a bathroom at her home. Cassidy Goodson was treated for what was believed to be a miscarriage on September 19. Several days later Polk County sheriff’s deputies got an emergency call that a dead baby was found inside a shoe box at the Goodson residence, WJXT reports.

Local law enforcement officers believe she went into the family bathroom, covered her mouth with a towel and ran water to hide her moans as she gave birth. According to The Blaze, Goodson confessed to using a pair of scissors to pry the baby out of her body. The newborn was rather large, reportedly weighing almost 10 pounds and measuring more than 20 inches long. The baby boy was delivered alive in the toilet.

The horrific story then turned from tragic to downright disturbing. If police reports of the Florida teenager’s statements are accurate, Goodson picked up her baby to check for a pulse, and when she found one, she snuffed the life out of the baby.

The Florida teen is accused of wrapping her hands around newborn’s throat and squeezing until the baby was dead.

A foul odor noticed by the would-be grandmother led to the discovery of the dead body in the shoe box. Cassidy Goodson is currently in detention awaiting the prosecutor’s decision on whether or not to try her as an adult, according to The Ledger.

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