Kanye West, Jay Z Plan Meeting To End Tidal Feud After Beyonce Is Dissed On Saint Pablo Tour

Kanye West and Jay Z are ready to bury the hatchet and squash their year-long feud after some controversial remarks were made by the “Stronger” rapper amid his Saint Pablo tour.

While performing during a show, last year, Kanye West had made it known that he felt Beyonce and her husband had disrespected him by failing to check in on him following the news that Kim Kardashian had been robbed and held at gunpoint.

Kanye West further mentioned during one of the concert gigs that Jay Z had also never approached him for a gathering with each other’s children, making it known that Blue Ivy and North West don’t play together.

The father-of-two was especially heated because he has considered Bey and Jay his closest friends, and the fact that he was suffering from a mental breakdown at the time definitely didn’t help.

It goes without saying that the “Hard Knock Life” hitmaker was livid over the remarks so that when Kanye West ended up filing a lawsuit his friend’s Tidal streaming service for failing to pay him $3.5 million in bonus earnings, lawsuits were being thrown left to right.

While Jay would have handled the matter by paying Kanye West what he allegedly owed him, the aging rapper refused to comply and had his lawyers take care of the matter instead, insisting that he was still angry with Kanye over the comments made during his tour.

Now, however, TMZ reports that both West and Jay Z are ready to face one another to end their ongoing feud that has caused quite the friction between the two.

A source notes that Kanye West has always been considered one of Jay’s best friends, but he felt disrespected when his wife was brought into the mix of things — that was something that he didn’t appreciate.

Insiders reveal that Kanye West is hoping to have a get-together with his on-again, off-again pal in the hopes that they can resolve their issues.

It’s further stressed that Jay wants to move on and start fresh with Kanye West, knowing well enough that the “Real Friends” star had no ill intentions when making the comments.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]