Did The New Season Of ‘Counting On’ Just Expose The Truth About Joy-Anna Duggar’s Pregnancy?

Barely three months after her May wedding, Joy-Anna Duggar excitedly announced that she’s pregnant with her first child. The surprising news, fueled by Joy-Anna’s large baby bump photos, certainly had Duggar watchers wondering whether Joy and husband Austin Forsyth threw out the family’s strict “no-sex” rule before marriage. Now, fans are tuning into the latest season of Counting On for clues.

Counting On Season 6 premiered on TLC last Sept. 11. So far, the first two episodes have followed Joy and Austin’s wedding planning. The scenes were filmed four weeks before their big day. Last Monday, viewers saw the young couple, with Michelle Duggar as their chaperone, go to a cake shop to decide on their wedding cake. Joy also had to go to a bridal shop to pick a wedding dress and her bridesmaids’ gowns. Meanwhile, Austin supervised the renovation of their new house.

Joy was obviously overwhelmed by all the dizzying wedding preps. At one point, the 19-year-old bride tells her then-fiance that she “doesn’t care” about certain details and thinks that wedding planning is “overrated.”

“As long as I get to marry him, I can live anywhere.”

As Duggar fans now know, Joy did get to marry Austin on May 26. Their large wedding went beautifully as planned, and now she’s living happily ever after with her husband and soon-to-be baby. But according to Radar Online, Joy-Anna Duggar may have been hiding an all-important secret even before she walked down the aisle.

Last Monday’s episode showed Joy wearing loose clothes as if she was covering up her growing belly. When she was in the cake shop, the Counting On star wore a dark blue flowy top that drew attention away from her midsection.

In another scene, Joy opted for a baggy sweater while inspecting their new house. Later, the reality star was seen wearing a regular t-shirt which looked to be more tight-fitting around her waist area.

If the speculations are true, this means that Joy-Anna was aware that she was already with child at least one month before saying “I do.” This could also answer the question why Joy and Austin decided to move up their wedding day from October to May.

However, it is also important to note that Joy has always worn loose clothes even before she started dating Austin. Among the Duggar sisters, she has always been the tomboyish one. So unless the Duggars confirm it or until Joy gives birth, fans may never know whether Joy and Austin did, in fact, break a sacred rule.

Getting pregnant before marriage would be a total scandal in the Duggar world. The family is famous for upholding strict religious beliefs and pre-marital sex is a major faux pas. When Joy and Austin first announced their baby news in August, fans were quick to do the math. Based on the photos, they deduced that Joy’s belly didn’t look like a first-trimester baby bump.

Tell us! Did you watch the latest Counting On episode? Did you think Joy was desperately hiding her baby bump by wearing ill-fitting clothes? Sound off your thoughts below!

Counting On Season 6 airs every Monday, 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

[Featured Image by Austin & Joy Forsyth/Instagram]