‘Alaskan Bush People’ Postpones Production For Season 8: Will It Be Cancelled?

Alaskan Bush People is reportedly having some problems with the production for the next season. The Brown family, who stars in the hit Discovery Channel show, remains in California where mom Ami Brown is receiving treatment for late-stage lung cancer.

In the past weeks, it has been reported that the Alaskan Bush People would start filming in the coming weeks after it was revealed that Ami has finished her first round of chemotherapy. However, ABP Exposed said the production does not seem to be moving forward for now for some reason.

The network is yet to make any official announcement regarding the show’s renewal or cancellation, which opens the window for a lot of speculation regarding the show’s future. Some are not expecting a new season as it has been reported that Ami’s cancer has progressed to stage 4. On one hand, Ami herself has expressed her desire to continue with Alaskan Bush People.

The 54-year-old mom told People magazine that she wants to show the viewers of Alaskan Bush People the things that she and her family are going through. “[There] are a lot of people that are going to be told one day that they have cancer. And that’s scary. I was nervous as a cat the first time I went in for radiation. I hope if people watch the show and see what I’m going through and it will take away a lot of their fear,” she added.

Some said that another obvious reason that the Browns would want to have another season of Alaskan Bush People is because of money, per The Hollywood Gossip. Cancer treatment is undeniably expensive and the Brown family would need their salaries from the show to continue paying for Ami’s medical needs. It would also help them settle to the new Browntown they want to build on a parcel of land in Colorado.

On one hand, not all of the family members would be returning to Alaskan Bush People if ever a Season 8 happens. In the finale of Season 7, Noah revealed to the family that he does not think Colorado is for him. He wants to take a different road, settle in a small town, and become a sheriff. Bam Bam, who left their Alaskan homestead in Season 6, might also not be in the upcoming season. He reportedly bought a yacht and wants to sail to the Bahamas with his girlfriend and rumored wife, Allison Kagan. Gabe also does not want to be on the camera, although he is staying with his family. Last season, Gabe was rarely seen in the later episodes.

Stay tuned for more updates on Alaskan Bush People.

[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]