'General Hospital' Spoilers: 'OLTL' Jessica Tuck Cast as Cassandra, Tamara Braun Back - 'GH' Writer Shakeup

General Hospital spoilers offer three major tidbits today. Two of them are solid facts while one is a spoiler that's close to coming true. First, straight from the ABC soap, jewel fence Cassandra Pierce starts on GH tomorrow, and the soap landed an amazing actress for the role. One Life to Live's Jessica Tuck will play Cassandra and GH revealed a video of her on set. If you didn't watch OLTL, but Tuck's face seems familiar, you might know her from HBO's True Blood where she played Nan Flanigan, the talking head of the Vampire Authority.

But that's not the only breaking General Hospital news – a beloved veteran may return soon, and there's also a shakeup in the writers' room that should have everyone talking. Which vet is back and will they play their old role? According to Daytime Confidential, ex-Carly actress Tamara Braun is in talks to come back to GH but in a new role attached to the tale of two Jasons storyline that kicked off today with the reveal of Burton behind the Patient 6 mask. Jamey Giddens shared that he's heard from "multiple sources" that Braun is very close to signing a deal to return. Two Jasons and two Carlys!

Will Tuck play resurrected Irina Cassadine?

Back to the initial General Hospital casting news about Jessica Tuck. Unsubstantiated tabloid rumors said GH was bringing back Irina Cassadine, Helena's (Constance Towers) daughter, who would be the same as Cassandra the stolen jewel broker. This theory is based simply on the name "Cassandra." Long time GH viewers know Irina told Ethan (Nathan Parsons) her name was Cassandra because she didn't know her real name. It's strange to name-drop Cassandra in a Cassadine plot, but don't get too excited about a resurrection. There are some holes there that point to a tease.
General Hospital spoilers recently teased viewers into thinking Patient 6 might be Nikolas, and it's clearly Jason (or his twin) since we saw Steve Burton unmasked today. GH might similarly be teasing fans with the name Cassandra, but it's likely a coincidence. Here's why. Alyshia Ochse played Irina Cassadine – she's 36. Jessica Tuck, on the other hand, is 54. That would be one big case of soap opera rapid aging syndrome (SORAS) if they upped Irina's age by almost two decades. Plus, she was shot and bled out before our eyes. Then again, it's a soap, so maybe, but likely not. Tuck will be recurring in the role.

Tamara Braun's return

The return of Tamara Braun would be exciting for GH fans, particularly since they're looking to bring her back as a new character. She would be the second of the original Carlys to return as a new character following Sarah Brown's thrilling turn as the wicked Claudia Zacchara who wound up dead at Michael's (Chad Duell) hands. There's no word yet on what role Braun would play, only that it would tie into the two Jasons story. With one Jason in a coma and another a psycho, there's lots of story there to tell.

Shakeup in the writers' room at GH

The other bit of tea that spilled today was also from Daytime Confidential. DC announced that Barbara Bloom is a new addition to the General Hospital writing staff. Bloom has a twisty past with GH and ABC soaps, in general, that's a bit disturbing. She was the daytime exec that oversaw the development of the new Let's Make a Deal that replaced canceled Guiding Light according to Daytime Confidential. Bloom also worked at One Life to Live, The Young and the Restless and short-lived GH prime time spinoff Port Charles. Let's hope Bloom is there to help GH and not to put it in its grave.

What do you think of these big changes at GH? Be sure to catch up on the latest spoilers about Anna's strange behavior, Burton's Patient 6 debut, and the danger Ava will soon face. Check back often for more General Hospital spoilers and news.

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