‘NBA 2K18’ Patch Released For Xbox One To Fix Major Bug With MyCareer Mode

A major NBA 2K18 patch has officially been released to address a harmful MyCareer mode glitch with the game for Xbox One users. The brand new basketball game was officially released worldwide on Tuesday, September 19, after its pre-order release arrived on Thursday, September 15. However, with many games that include fancy interactive features and online integration, there often comes pesky bugs or glitches that may not have been predicted. This appears to be one of them and it had some costly effects for gamers. Here are the latest details on the NBA 2K18 patch updates for the glitch on the brand new sports game.

On Monday afternoon, Gamespot reported that the glitch involved MyCareer mode on the Microsoft Xbox One version of the video game. Basically, the bug was causing players’ MyCareer save data to be lost. The biggest issues came as those playing the video game lost pre-order items they couldn’t reacquire. Even worse, some gamers who spent their real money for Virtual Currency (VC) in the game ending up losing that VC. The 2K company suggested video game players should simply avoid the mode for the time being until a patch was released. That patch was released not long after from 2K to address the MyCareer lost data issue.

Xbox One patch released to fix NBA 2K18

In addition to the various 2K accounts sending out tweets to notify gamers of their patch updates, they also provided a support article. The article provided troubleshooting tips for those who saw their MyPlayer go missing from the game. Plenty of those who responded on Twitter expressed their outrage over losing their players and VC in the new basketball video game. It seems as if data progress files were going to be recovered but at least one 2K reply tweet seemed to indicate virtual currency was not recoverable.

In addition to making sure the new patch is downloaded and installed for one’s video game, support tickets can be filed with 2K. The Express website from the UK reported that anyone who has been affected by the NBA 2K18 glitch resulting in the lost save(s) needed to go through 2K Support to get a “cloned copy” of their lost saves.

As mentioned, the popular video game just arrived within the past week for the world to enjoy. It includes several returning features such as MyTeam, My League, and MyGM modes, as well as the new “Neighborhoods” feature. Brand new Boston Celtics player Kyrie Irving is this year’s cover athlete for the game.

NBA 2K18 is the latest in a long line of games from the 2K company which has really taken over the sports gaming world. While NBA Live is also considered a part of the competition, it has simply paled in comparison to 2K’s basketball game and that seems to be the case again this year as well. Still, a major glitch or two could make all the difference in how much customers and critics love a game.

NBA 2K18 game popularity continues with latest edition

Despite the unfortunate aspects of this glitch, it seems that the new basketball game is still bringing in positive reviews, for now. Over at Metacritic website, the game has been given a Metascore of 88 based on just four critics, so far saying the game returns with “unparalleled authenticity and improvements on the court.” However, at least a few customer reviews on Metacritic raised concerns over the VC system and lost VC from the glitch. It seems as if with the glitch now being resolved, customers may be able to finally enjoy the game.

If you own the NBA 2K18 game, have you been affected by the MyCareer lost save issue, and if so did it result in lost money?

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