‘GTA Online’ Players Can Buy The RM-10 Bombushka For Nearly $6 Million Right Now

As an extension of the Smuggler’s Run update, the new RM-10 Bombushka is now available in the online option of Grand Theft Auto V. The new military aircraft seats six players and is equipped with a small arsenal of weapons — three of which can be controlled by passengers on the aircraft. GTA Online players can find the new gunship in the Warstock Cache & Carry website within the game.

The Bombushka can also be modified in GTA Online at a Hangar Workshop. Additional armaments can be installed including an array of different types of bombs that can be loosed on foes. The power and might of an aircraft this impressive is not cheap, though. Players can expect to pay nearly $6 million for their very own Bombushka. The trade price, the cost after completing the associated tasks, makes it cheaper at just over $4.5 million.

Players can test pilot the new Bombushka in the new Bombushka Run adversary mode available now. According to the official website, two teams of four players will battle while one team controls a Bombushka. The opposing team will be outfitted with Buzzard Attack Choppers tasked with removing the Bombushka from the sky. GTA Online players can earn double in-game cash and RP in this mode for a limited time.

GTA Online Bombushka aircraft price and details

Players looking to purchase a Bombushka should note that the massive aircraft is considered large for the purposes of hangar storage. Owners will, of course, need a hangar and the appropriate available space to store the plane. As the Inquisitr reported, hangars were added to GTA Online with the Smuggler’s Run update deployed in August. The most affordable hangar is around $1.2 million, while adding a Hangar Workshop increases the price.

Alongside the new aircraft, players will find a number of weekly discounts now active in GTA Online. Liveries and resprays for cars and aircraft are 25 percent off. Aircraft weapons, executive offices, hangar workshop purchases, and Mobile Operation Center cabs are also 25 percent cheaper for the week.

GTA Online Smuggler's Run update additions

New aircraft and other Smuggler’s Run features will continue to be added the online mode until the next major update occurs. Although the Bombushka will always be available, the current GTA Online discounts will only be available until next Tuesday.

[Featured Image by Rockstar Games]