‘GH’ Spoilers: Sam Has Hope For Jason, Will Betsy Reveal Burton’s Patient 6 Was Franco’s Childhood Companion?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Ava’s (Maura West) curiosity and suspicions about the Russian clinic where she is staying intensify. She may begin to fear that something is wrong about the clinic setup. Her suspicions could be increased by the fact that she is not allowed to use her phone.

Betsy Deceives Franco

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Franco’s adoptive mother, Betsy (Deborah Strang), warns that he may not be able to handle the truth about his past. Franco (Roger Howarth) insists he is ready to confront the truth. The photo he discovered showing him with a mysterious childhood companion has raised questions that cannot be buried. Fans realize that Franco’s heart will remain unsettled until the truth comes out.

However, Betsy tricks Franco. She agrees to reveal the truth to him and makes an appointment with him at her hotel room. But when Franco arrives for the appointment, he finds out that Betsy has quietly left town to avoid him.
Franco is very upset when he realizes that Betsy played a trick on him. He throws an epic tantrum.

Scott (Kin Shriner) had been suspicious of Betsy’s motives when she made an appointment to meet Franco in her hotel room. Scott tries to convince Franco to give up his quest, but Franco is determined to get the bottom of the mystery. He is ready for the shocking revelations that might come as a result of his quest.

“Let’s start with something really simple. That kid right here is Jason Morgan! Am I correct?”

Will Betsy Reveal The Truth To Franco?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Franco persists in his efforts to uncover the truth about this childhood companion who appears in a photo with him. He notices that he and the childhood companion are dressed alike as if they are twins. Franco is disturbed about the photograph because he has no memories of his childhood companion.

General Hospital (GH) spoilers indicate that Franco will finally learn the truth that the child standing in the photo with him is Jason “Stone Cold” Morgan, who is now Patient 6 at a clinic in faraway Russia.

Sam Remains Hopeful For Jason

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Sam (Kelly Monaco) gets a sign of recovery from Jason. However, it turns out to be a false hope as doctors confirm that the movement she observed was only a reflex. Jason Morgan won’t show any signs of recovering from the coma, and Sam will have to go through with her plan to place him a long-term care facility.

Other General Hospital Spoilers

Finn (Michael Easton) realizes that Anna (Fiona Hughes) has him cornered. He tries to persuade Anna not to blackmail him but Anna only puts more pressure on him. So Finn has no choice but to play along with her.

Scott (Kin Shriner) tries to talk to Liz (Rebecca Herbst) in an attempt to plumb the depths of her feelings for Franco. Scott is concerned about how Franco’s risky quest could affect Liz. Liz’s love for Franco will have to be strong to take the shock of the secrets that could emerge from Franco’s investigation into his past.

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