Katie Holmes Still Not Ready To Give Suri Cruise A New Father Figure After Tom Cruise’ Scientology Drama

Recent reports claimed that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are finally ready to make their romance public after years of speculation regarding their relationship status. However, a new report revealed that the Dawson’s Creek actress giving Suri Cruise a new father figure might still be far from happening.

A photo of Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx holding hands in Malibu recently emerged online. Their romantic stroll on the beach seemingly confirmed all the whispers about their romantic relationship. Us Weekly even claimed that the duo is finally ready to come out of hiding after successfully dodging all the dating rumors for four years.

According to the site, a source shared that Katie Holmes was “head over heels” and adding that her daughter Suri Cruise was also a fan of Jamie Foxx. With this revelation, many were convinced that the 11-year-old will finally have a father figure after her mom’s shocking split from Tom Cruise in 2012.

However, Gossip Cop quickly debunked the claims. The site revealed that the photo of Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx on the Malibu beach was actually meant to be a private moment of the couple. Unfortunately, their alone time was caught by paparazzi and was made public.

While earlier reports claimed that the photo of Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx was a sign of the pair being ready to finally answer all the speculations about their relationship, Gossip Cop firmly said that the story is inaccurate. The site also revealed that there is absolutely no truth with what the insider shared about Suri Cruise being a fan of the actor. In fact, Suri and Jamie have never met.

It appears that Katie Holmes is still not ready to bring Jamie Foxx into their lives unless she is absolutely certain that he is the one. Suri Cruise already had to deal growing up without a father after Tom Cruise reportedly chose to disconnect from them because of Scientology, so it only makes sense that the actress is just watching out for her only daughter.

The Mission: Impossible 6 actor’s controversial church is known for separating families once a member decided to leave the cult-like religion. Since Katie Holmes ended her marriage with Tom Cruise, the actress is considered a “Suppressive Person,” therefore the actor should not communicate with her even if it means cutting ties with his daughter.

[Featured Image by Amy Sussman/Getty Images]