Man Stabs Pet Python To Death, Claims It Was Evil

A man who stabbed his friend’s pet ball python 19 times to death, even though it was lying motionless in a glass tank, has been jailed on charges of animal cruelty.

Roy Strickland, 38, told police in Pompano Beach, Florida, that the snake was evil after repeatedly stabbing the animal in it’s enclosure, and then leaving the knife inside the animal’s carcass. Ball pythons are named because of their tendency to curl up when stressed or frightened.

The specimen was euthanized by an animal control officer when he arrived on the scene. The incident is believed to have taken place at Jonathan Bernado-Robles home at 12.30p.m. on Tuesday, with Strickland allegedly stating that the snake was evil as he murdered it, according to an arrest report.

Broward County Judge John ‘Jay’ Hurley, stated on Wednesday, “The snake died a slow death as a result of the stabbing. The animal was not a threat to anyone, it was inside of a cage. It does seem like the violence was gratuitous.”

“When the police got there, the snake was still alive with one of the knives still inside the snake,” Hurley added.

Strickland was out of jail for stalking and robbery charges at the time of Tuesday’s attack, according to police records, but Judge Hurley has now revoked the previous bond associated with these crimes.

He is now being held without bail on a charge of causing cruel death, pain, and suffering to an animal, according to the Broward Sheriff’s Office. How long do you think Strickland should be incarcerated for?