North Farmington High School Let Seniors Dress Up For ID Photos: ‘Trump’ Was In The #NFID18 Pop Culture Mix

Whereas many high schools have strict dress codes for how their students are allowed to dress for identification photos, at North Farmington High in Michigan, the senior class is going viral for their unique images. The high school enjoys a senior tradition wherein students get to express their creative side by dressing up as any pop culture icon they’d like to emulate. As seen in the below Twitter moment from the #NFID18 moment, students at North Farmington High School chose everything from viral meme characters, movie stars and even President Donald Trump to appear dressed as for their senior moment. The Twitter moment itself has nearly 13,000 likes – with the NFHS Seniors Twitter account urging everyone who participated in the costume event to use the #NFID18 hashtag to gather all the photos under one label online. One student chose to dress up as the lead character of the movie Clueless, while another selected the lead character of the Home Alone series. But there weren’t only movie characters in the mix. One girl dressed up as the yellow hoodie-wearing little girl who went crazy for blue cotton candy, and ended up going viral online as a result.

There was Dora the Explorer, as well as Pam and Jim from The Office. McLovin’ showed up, as reported by Belfast Telegraph, along with Harry Potter characters. Even Don Pablo and Monica from Friends made an appearance. A set of brothers appeared with the “brotherly love” description, with one brother appearing in his photo with his arms outstretched, while the other brother appeared in his photo with his brother’s hands wrapped around his neck.

The North Famington High School project has become so popular that other high schools just might take note, and allow their seniors to get a little creative for their ID photos as well. Meanwhile, some viewers of the viral #NFID18 photos are quipping online that they are realizing that they attended the wrong high school and are expressing emotions of jealousy and regret that they don’t attend a high school that allows for such creative fun. View plenty of the #NFID18 photos in the below Twitter moment, which includes one high school student who donned an orange-blonde wig and made motions similar to the ones President Trump makes.

[Featured Image by Jim Lo Scalzo/Getty Images]