‘Alaskan Bush People’: Ami Brown’s Condition Turns For The Worse But Daughter Rain Vows To #StayPositive

Ami Brown’s condition has lately turned for the worse as she battles stage 4 cancer while lying on her deathbed at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. The latest health update on Ami is grim as her current diagnosis states that she only has a 3 percent chance of survival, as reported by Radar Online.

As Alaskan Bush People’s entire cast tries to come to terms with Ami Brown’s worsening condition, her daughters Rain and Snowbird (especially the former) continue to serve as the family’s beacons of light and hope amid their struggles. Better yet, fans of the hit American reality series can partake in their positivity via Rain’s Instagram account. As those who are following her on Instagram already know, Rain is fond of posting selfies online, so much so that she became the subject of criticism last week.

Rain Brown wasn’t having any of it, hitting back at her “haters” on Instagram with an impassioned message, explaining that everything she posts on social media is for the people who love her and that she doesn’t “do it for haters that judge me.”

Before long, Rain posted an image of a big heart rendered in rainbow colors which she captioned with another long message in which she thanked fans for standing up for her amid the criticism.

A few days later, Rain Brown took to Instagram again to post another selfie, this time with her sister Snowbird.

“When life is serious but your faces aren’t???????? #bestfriendgoals#birdy #sissys #staystrong #staypositive#stayhappy,” wrote Rain.

Rain posted another Instagram photo yesterday, showing a photo of a door sign, reading, “Beware: Opening this door may cause severe bouts of happiness.”

As with previous Instagram posts, Rain captioned the photo again with a series of hashtags.

“YES PLEASE! #staystrong #stayhappy #staypositive #happiness,” she wrote.

YES PLEASE! #staystrong #stayhappy #staypositive #happiness

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If you missed a chance that's ok, just don't miss the next one looking back at the mistake you've already made, start again. If you've done wrong it's ok but it's not ok to know that what you're doing is wrong and keep doing it. It's ok not to be ok, it's ok to be depressed and nervous but what isn't ok? It's not ok to burry yourself is those dark emotions, it's not ok to look at yourself and say it's too late for me, it is never too late, I want you to get off your phone or computer and get up and hug someone you love and tell them you love them because you never know if one day they might be diagnosed with cancer, you get up and you tell them how you feel be it a friend a lover or a family member every chance you get you tell them what they mean to you, and you make a change. Let's all celebrate today and make it a new day! It doesn't matter if the day is over you start from this moment and make it better! #startagain #stayhappy #staystrong #love #rain-spiration

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Meanwhile, the entire cast of Alaskan Bush People is currently staying in California as they continue to support Ami Brown in her illness.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, the Brown family is planning to set up a new permanent home in Colorado in the near future. There’s no official word yet on whether Alaskan Bush People will return for Season 8 on account of Ami Brown’s condition.

Do you think Rain Brown should take it easy with the Instagram selfies on account of Ami Brown’s condition? Or, should people leave her alone and allow her to deal with her grief in her own way? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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