Four Shot, Killed On Rural Road In PA

Four people were shot and killed on a rural road in Pennsylvania today.

Authorities said that the shooting spree occurred over several miles in Frankstown Township. At the end of the shooting, the gunman had killed one woman and two men. It is unclear if the victims were specifically targeted by the shooter.

The identities of the victims have not been released.

The NY Times reports that the gunman was also killed during the spree but it is unclear how he died. Several state troopers chased the gunman down the rural road and exchanged gunfire with the shooter. Three state troopers were injured during the incident before the gunman was killed.

Blair County District Attorney Rich Consiglio told the Denver Post that one of the troopers was shot in the chest but was not seriously injured thanks to his bullet proof vest. Another trooper was injured after the gunman shot out the window’s of his car and a third trooper was injured when he was involved in a car crash with the gunman’s vehicle.

Police said that the community along the rural road in Pennsylvania is no longer in danger. Schools in the area were put on lockdown, however, as a safety precaution.