The Theme Song For The New ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ Has Arrived And It Certainly Is Different

Earlier this year, Disney revealed that the iconic variety show called The Mickey Mouse Club was getting a reboot with a modern twist, and the release of the new theme song proves that they weren’t kidding. Essentially, Disney is looking to bring this well-known series to a new generation of kids and adults with a different feel and sound. Well, they have given fans their first taste of what’s to come and it is certainly a big difference over what has been heard in the past.

First of all, the series will be called Club Mickey Mouse to keep it in the same idea of the original show, but with a twist to make it its own. The official Facebook page for Club Mickey Mouse is starting to grow and it has been giving updates on what will actually end up being its ultimate platform: social media.

According to Variety, this is not going to be the old-school “22-minute episode released once a week” schedule. Videos and other content from Club Mickey Mouse will be available strictly on their Facebook page and on their official Instagram account, which is easy to remember at @ClubMickeyMouse.

Obviously, a lot has changed over the years and that includes the theme song devoted to the one and only Mickey Mouse. While some of the lyrics may sound familiar to you, the presentation is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Tube Filter reports that YouTube star Todrick Hall worked with the Mousketeers as their mentor on the choreography and the vocals. The series officially premiered on Sept. 8, and it is set to run for seven weeks with new content coming out quite often.

The new video was released on Sept. 12, 2017, and that is also when it was made available through online music stores.

When looking at the cast, it is quite diverse to make sure there is a good mix of different ethnicities and people from all walks of life. The Mickey Mouse Club has always been about togetherness and being combined as one so that fun and appreciation can be given to all.

A lot of what will be seen in the online content is from behind-the-camera and showing how videos and clips come together. Believe it or not, Disney actually admits that 90 percent of what is shown is “the process” while just 10 percent is the “finished product.”

Club Mickey Mouse is aimed at a younger generation who is up on the music and culture that is happening right now. Even though everyone uses social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, it is obvious that this version of The Mickey Mouse Club is for today’s pre-teen and tween audience. There are going to be purists who do not like the new theme song and won’t like the content coming forth from these Mousketeers, but then again, it doesn’t seem like it is really for them.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]