Vimeo Impresses With End Of Year Stats, Apocalyptic Video

As 2012 draws to a close, streaming video service Vimeo has decided to share its end of year numbers, and they are quite impressive. Streaming video has been huge in 2012, and Vimeo’s site numbers reflect that success.

You might recall that, back in January, Vimeo rolled out new iPhone and Xbox apps, added a Tip Jar feature, and even created a new pay-to-view video option for channel creators. Those efforts along with a general shift towards online video streaming allowed the company to thrive.

On the official Vimeo blog, Chris Diken writes:

“Before we depart for our winter timeshare in Orlando, Florida, we’d like to spread some glaze over your eyeballs by sharing some straight-from-the-spreadsheet metrics that prove beyond a shadow of a spector of doubt that we really did whoop some tail this year.”

Here are some of Vimeo’s impressive stats for 2012:

  • Over 5 million people joined Vimeo in 2012, brining the site’s member total to a whopping 14 million
  • 37 percent of all Vimeo members joined the site this year
  • The site’s 50 millionth video was uploaded on September 23, 2012
  • Over 3.2 petabytes of data were uploaded, 1.4 petabytes transcoded and over 200 petabytes played
  • More than 675 million people tuned in to watch Vimeo videos this year

Vimeo has decided to end the year with an apocalyptic bang and has posted some of the best “end of days” videos via

Here’s the apocalypse-friendly video: