The Haunted Mansion At WDW Did Suffer Some Damage During Irma, And It Isn’t Easy To Look At [Photos]

When Hurricane Irma rolled through Central Florida, a lot of people wondered if the massive storm would have any effect on Walt Disney World, and it most certainly did. Around the property, many trees were uprooted, standing water filled walkways at Epcot, and some attractions remained closed after the parks reopened. When the damage was assessed, it was also revealed that an iconic part of the Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom was quite messed up, and fans may find the pics hard to look at.

Guests around the world love the Haunted Mansion, as it is just the right amount of spooky without being overly terrifying. On top of that, it also brings beloved characters such as “The Bride” and the Hitchhiking Ghosts to life, so to speak, and it would be awful if anything happened to their home.

Walt Disney World was spared the worst of any punishment from Hurricane Irma even though the Fort Wilderness Campground is still closed for a bit longer. Still, some locations were hit a bit harder than others.

Hello Giggles caught wind of something that happened over at Haunted Mansion, which ended up disturbing a few furry friends in the pet cemetery. If you’re a hardcore fan of the attraction, these may hurt your heart.

A large tree was uprooted, which ended up causing the tombstones on the slanted hill to become overturned. Many of them appear to have fallen down and toppled over one another which broke pieces off here and there.

It is the tree in the center of the pet cemetery, which caused the majority of the damage and essentially started a domino effect with the tombstones.

While this is something that will obviously be able to be fixed, Haunted Mansion fans find it hard to look at. The pet cemetery bids guests farewell after exiting the attraction, and it even has some hidden things that keep other “lost” parts of the park alive.

Those with a keen eye have spotted the tombstone belonging to Mr. Toad, who used to have his own attraction in Fantasyland. Hurricane Irma may have caused damage to some tombstones, but he is still standing tall after the tree was uprooted.

walt disney world hurricane irma haunted mansion graveyard damage
[Image by Danny Cox]

Around Magic Kingdom, a few attractions remain closed due to some damage from Hurricane Irma, but they are already starting to reopen. Jungle Cruise remains closed, as some trees and a bit of debris are removed from the waterways.

While many others in the state of Florida weren’t nearly as fortunate, Walt Disney World did suffer only minor damage to its property. Fans of the parks are happy that virtually everything is alright and that things will return to normal with some work. The same can be said for the pet cemetery/graveyard at the Haunted Mansion, which will be back to its old self in time, but true fans at Magic Kingdom had a scary sight in front of them when the park reopened.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]