‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Sassy Mask Sabotage, Phyllis Wrecks New B&S Product, Jack Thrilled

New The Young and the Restless spoilers hint that Phyllis is about to sink to new depths in her battle with Victoria. Phyllis will soon be handed an opportunity to trash Brash & Sassy and will jump on it. This is a big shift for Phyllis, who had been trying to help B&S on the sly so Billy would be working less. After that backfired, she’s Team Jack on taking down Victoria’s company so Billy won’t be with his ex every day. Phyllis’ dirty scheme will come out later and could cost her Billy, but for now, she’s going to gamble. The sneaky plan is all about the Sassy Mask.

Billy and Phyllis heat up, both playing dirty

Y&R spoilers from Soaps She Knows for next week promise that things heat up between Billy and Phyllis, but at the same time, both are playing dirty and using each other against Jabot and Brash & Sassy. It will be explosive when their corporate schemes are exposed, but Phyllis might come out looking worse based on what she has planned. Her latest plot hinges on her discovering the marketing plan for the Sassy Mask. It doesn’t help that Vikki and Billy are testing it in Jabot Labs, right where Jack and Phyllis can discover their rival’s new product.

The thing to remember is the comments the testers made when trying out the Sassy Mask. One said her skin felt soft, but the most common feedback was that it’s “tingly.” That’s the sensation that will go terribly wrong after Phyllis sabotages the new product offering. It’s not too far of a journey from tingly to burning and from a product success to a scorching disaster that could take down Brash & Sassy. And it’s all up to Phyllis to make it happen since Jack had to step back because of his blossoming romance with Nikki.

Dina warns Billy about Phyllis’ betrayal

Young and the Restless spoilers predict that Dina has something to say to Billy about Phyllis. Dina dislikes Phyllis for her betrayal of Jack and believes that Phyllis will do Billy wrong as well. Dina tells Billy that Phyllis will do him “just like she betrayed your brother,” and Dina is right. What she’s wrong about is the nature of the betrayal. Phyllis loves Billy, so it won’t be about cheating, but instead, she will indulge in corporate sabotage. Either way, Billy will be furious when it all comes out, even though he’s been using Phyllis’ Jabot laptop to steal marketing info and also hitting below the belt.

Y&R spoilers also say that Jack is pushing Phyllis to sabotage B&S so that he can keep blood off his hands. That way he can play dumb with Nikki and continue their romance while letting Phyllis wreck Victoria and Billy’s professional lives. Jack is manipulating things, but Phyllis’ jealousy is out of control. A tabloid rumor wrongly said that Phyllis would get pregnant (or fake it) to try and keep Billy. That’s not happening. Phyllis said she’s not that kind of gal, but she is the type to plot corporate sabotage.

Jack’s ultimate revenge on Phyllis and Billy coming soon

Other Young and the Restless spoilers hint that Phyllis is so blinded by her love for Billy and paranoia about Victoria that she does not see the big picture. Jack has not forgiven Phyllis for sleeping with his brother. After all, why would he forget what she did? Plus, Phyllis kept her job at Jabot to try and win Jack back and then abandoned that plan and pursued Billy. Jack is still burning over that and wants revenge on both her and Billy. By keeping Phyllis close, he’s using her to get at Billy, but that’s not all.

Jack is pushing all of Phyllis’ buttons to get her to go after B&S, but he also knows that while Phyllis is scheming, she will wreck her relationship with Billy. That’s what Jack wants. Jack wants his brother and Phyllis split up and Billy’s career ruined. Jack doesn’t want them to have a happy ending together. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t want them happy at all. Jack wants to destroy them both, and Phyllis is helping him do it. The Sassy Mask scheme starts soon, and you can count on Phyllis to foul things up for Brash and Sassy.

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