Aaron Carter’s Health Crisis On ‘The Doctors’: Drug Results Are Out & It’s Not What Many Expected

Aaron Carter’s health crisis is currently the focus of many speculations on social media and the singer is finally taking steps to clear things up, starting off with his appearance in The Doctors.

Carter has been mocked for his body built for the past years, causing the singer to try and learn more about his health with the help of experts from ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and his team from CBS’s show The Doctors.

In fact, two episodes for the series’ 10th season has been dedicated to the 29-year-old artist as they delve into his health issues, starting off with his drug test results that came out recently.

According to E! News, Aaron Carter tested negative of illegal substances like cocaine and meth. However, Dr. Scott warned him about the mixture of medications found in his blood.

“Cocaine was negative, meth was negative, THC aka marijuana was positive. Benzodiazepines, Xanax for instance…positive, it was also positive for opiates, hydrocodone,” Stork read Carter’s test results.

“What scares me about that drug panel is your sister perished from an overdose and you’ve got a mixture of Benzodiazepines with opiates, which is how many people accidentally can die.”

The physician-turned-host went on to explain the extent of the danger Aaron Carter is in at the moment.

“These medications, and I’m speaking now purely from the doctor’s perspective, can be very, very scary.”

From there, Stork ropes in a psychiatrist in the team, Dr. Domenick Sportelli, to help Carter deal with possible drug dependencies on prescription medications.

Later on, the 29-year-old “I Want Candy” singer is seen admitting his fears of overdose, saying he “always” worries about it as it caused him to lose his sister because of it.

“I know that there’s no happy ending to any of those medications,” Carter told The Doctors host.

Aaron Carter’s decision to undergo drug testing in the most public way comes two months after he was arrested for possession of marijuana and driving under the influence (DUI), as previously reported by the Inquisitr. He denied both charges at the time.

Aside from that, Nick Carter’s baby brother also admitted his fears of testing positive of HIV, partly because of his weight, based on a reported from the Daily Mail.

“I need help, I’m scared because I’m so skinny, I’m still so skinny. And that was the biggest one for me.”

Currently, the 29-year-old 6-foot-tall singer weighs 115 pounds while fully clothed, which makes him at least 25 pounds underweight based on the healthy weight range of 150 pounds to 190 pounds for an adult male of his size, per the U.S. Department of Health.

During the two-episode special dedicated to the pop star, Aaron also opened up about his sexual preference after admitting that he was bisexual and undergoing plastic surgery, among other things.

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[Featured Image by Alison Buck/Getty Images for Project Angel Food]