President Obama, Lawmakers Attend Funeral Of Sen. Daniel Inouye [Live Video]

President Obama and other lawmakers attended the funeral of Hawaii Sen. Daniel Inouye Friday.

Sen. Inouye died Monday at the age of 88. He had been fighting respiratory illness for an extended period of time and had been hospitalized since early December.

Inouye was a World War II veteran and had received the Medal of Honor. He was Hawaii’s first Congressman following statehood in 1959 and was elected to the Senate in 1962.

Former President Bill Clinton spoke at Sen. Inouye’s funeral, saying he was a “wise and good man.” He said the reason he could be friends across the aisle is because “that’s who he was.”

“They blew his arm off in World War II, but they never laid a finger on his heart,” he said.

Vice President Joe Biden thanked Inouye’s family for allowing him to speak at the funeral. He said, in every high and low point of his career, Inouye was there for him.

“Danny was a heroic figure in every aspect of his life,” he said. He also said Inouye had to overcome prejudices about the Japanese just to be able to fight for America, the country he loved.

Biden said Inouye was more trusted by his colleagues than any man or woman that he served with.

Inouye’s body will be flown back to Hawaii on Saturday, and a funeral and burial will be held at the Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.

You can watch the live video of Sen. Inouye’s funeral below.

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