New Report Proves Julie Chrisley Was Not Always A ‘Good Girl’, Was Once Arrested And Didn’t Show Up To Court

With the season premiere of Chrisley Knows Best on the horizon, new reports have just come out the matriarch Julie Chrisley hasn’t always been the “perfect” mom, and her arrest record proves it.

Over the past few days, Chrisley has been active on her Instagram page, sharing teasers for the upcoming season of her hit show. Her most recent post is a video of her husband Todd laughing hysterically before trying to give daughter Savannah a kiss, in which he is ultimately rejected. The reality star sweetly captioned the photo.

“Love this face! All new #chrisleyknowsbest tonight on USA network 10/9 then #accordingtochrisley”

But a recent report from Radar Online is proving that the southern belle was once in trouble with the law. According to a police report that was dug up by the online publication, Julie was arrested for “hindering and obstructing the apprehension” of her husband, Todd.

Years ago, Julie’s husband, Todd Chrisley, had at least four warrants out for his arrest when he working as an interior designer. One of the reports states that the father of five took money from a client but failed to deliver the goods. Todd was able to dodge police officers until one day in 2000, authorities were able to track him down at his home in Alpharetta, Georgia. Chrisley allegedly opened the door and pretended to be his brother, Randy.

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Julie came to the door when Todd left to go and get his identification. Eventually, authorities forced their way inside the Chrisley home to go and arrest Todd after Julie basically told police that Todd was lying about who he was. When the cops got upstairs to make their arrest, Todd was nowhere to be found.

That day, Julie was arrested “for felony obstruction for hindering and obstructing the apprehension” for her husband, Todd. She was booked on charges, but later released after posting a bond of $2,000. It was understood that Julie would need to attend future court dates as part of her release.

When July of 2002 rolled around, Chrisley missed her court date. The hearing was rescheduled for a few months later and again, Chrisley failed to show up.

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The case was then put on hold until authorities were able to find Julie. Ten years later, the case was opened again but this time Julie hired a lawyer. With it being her first and only offense, it was agreed that Julie would just have to attend a first offenders’ program that entailed both therapy and community service.

Chrisley completed the program a few months later with an excellent grade and charges were dropped. In the same manner, charges against Julie’s husband, Todd, were also dropped.

As fans will recall, Julie and Todd were under scrutiny earlier this year after they allegedly evaded taxes for years, according to the New York Daily News. In March, Todd spoke out to TMZ against the charges, stating that his lawyers are hard at work fighting the charges while insisting that he doesn’t owe any tax money.

Does this make you think anything less of the reality duo or are you still a fan of the show?

Chrisley Knows Best airs on USA Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST.

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